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  • @AsimNawaz - So no special settings? I'm trying to replicate it on my end so that's why I ask what project settings you're using. Then we can try to nail down the bug. In the meantime, a quick temp fix might be an uninstall/reinstall. If you decid…
  • @useruser1- I'll PM you a new license since that seems to have fixed it for some others.
  • @AsimNawaz - It shouldn't be doing that. Any special settings in that project? If you click the X in the pop up, does it come back?
  • @royalmice - Great to hear, thanks for reporting back.
  • @eiNa - Can you PM me some examples to run through on my end?
  • @royalmice - The issue shown in the first post is due to the licensing error. If your projects are flashing like this and thread count is changing then its definitely that issue. The 1.96 versions hould have fixed the issue. It fixed it on my server…
  • @derdor - Stability isn't an issue. Success rates depend on the quality of proxies, emails and a good recaptcha v2 solver. If you would like, give it a try and follow the tutorial on the website. If your not happy, just email for support or refund.
  • @kevlin - Yes, James told me he is helping you via email. I'm sure its most likely an issue with settings, emails, proxies, etc.
  • @AsimNawaz - Running through the list now. Keep in mind you can select the "save redirected URLS instead of original URLS" option to save the final URL so they won't redirect. The redirected URLs I've seen in the list so far all redirect to WP sites…
  • @AsimNawaz- Can you PM me that Wordpress article list that have in the screenshot? I wnat to run it on my end and see whats going on. Also, latest version is 1.96 whch is available on website:…
  • @AsimNawaz- Please download version 1.94 from here and let me know. We pushed an update yesterday. @eiNa - This version only has the fix for recent DDoS issue, but engine update is coming sho…
  • There was a lot of things the hosting company and Sven had to tweak/change behind the scenes to get things running right again and it, unfortunately, caused an issue with the Pi licensing. I know it doesn't sound like it makes sense, but it was defi…
  • @MichaelB - There is still an issue with the automatic updater, but you can download the latest version pushed out today here: (ver 1.94)
  • @AsimNawaz- The problem seems to be fixed on my end. You're still having the flashing projects and threads change automatically?
  • @MichaelB - There was an issue with the recent DDoS attack that caused a problem with the software seen here: Is it working for you now? If not, there should be an update coming…
  • @AsimNawaz - Wow, it looks like this is an unfortunate side effect of the recent DDoS attack that must have triggered something with the licensing. I'm trying to get it figured out. I thought a fresh reinstall worked, but it looks like there mig…
  • @AsimNawaz - What happened when it was behaving weird? Any pop ups? I need to try and replicate it on my end.
  • 1) You would just select the SER Engines and not the extended engines because extended engines uses regex for identification and eats up more resources. I would probably leave all project options default and increase thread count. You don't want to …
  • @asimnawaz - Some URL's can match multiple engines. If you only select the article category in Pi, then run those article URL's through, it will sort them in the article categories. Article sites can also end up in general blogs, fake user agents, p…
  • Do you have any other project options selected? I see you're using both the extended engines and normal SER engines. Keep in mind if you're using this just to find engines supported by SER, the extended engines aren't necessary. The dead or 404 li…
  • GSA software runs on Windows so you're going to need a Windows based server. I've been using Solidseovps for a long time and they've always been great with their VPS/dedicated servers. I've been using server 08 R2 and that has worked well for me ove…
  • @langdont - Is the project set to "process files" or is it monitoring a folder? I need more details of how you have it configured. Can you send me the file you're importing or a sample of it so I can test on my end?
  • Did you see the tutorials on the SERE site? If you click "initial setup" and "blog creator" on the left side you can see some settings:
  • You must have other engines selected? SEREngines doesn't use the search engines to find targets and you don't need to import any link lists. Try only selecting the included SERengines when running a SERE project.
  • @usesuses - A SERengines project works best if you only have the engines provided by SEREngines selected and not the normal engines that come with SER. You want to make sure you have good proxies, good emails and a good captcha solver. The captcha s…
  • @gsauser101- Are you sure the URL's are in the right format or it the file has proper encoding?
  • @wolfvanween - James has been pushing some updates recently. Hopefully that is helping with your success rate.
  • @wolfvanween - If you're having problems with engines then please send an email to James so he can check your logs and see what's going on.
  • @nycdude - Hmm, that's not good. I just tried it on my end and it worked fine after reinstall. However, I had to enter the license in first to activate the full version, then I restored the projects from backup. Is it saying you're in trial versoin …
  • @nycdude - Can you please right click on your projects > backup all. Then uninstall/reinstall the program please.