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  • @navinb- Ya hopefully an option can be added that would work better for reposting to old accounts. @raytruottron - That is an old video talking about how to use footprint studio in SER. This thread is about SEREngines :P I can help you but I'm no…
  • - that’s how SER works, it’s not handled by SERengines. 
  • @navinb Try enabling “allow posting on same site again” but set “maximum accounts per site” to 0. Make sure you set maximum posts per site to the number of posts you want each account to have. 
  • @navinb - Hmm so it posted 18 articles and then stopped? Posted 18 articles on one web 2.0 or on random web 2.0's? What did you have the scheduled posting settings set at?
  • @DEz-N : It is not something I have seen before. James will look into that directly with you via email and remote login to your setup.
  • Latest update added domdetailer API support but nothing changed with how it handled identifying and sorting.  I see you have max bandwidth set to 50kbs so your projects are staying under that limit. I can take a look on your VPS if you want but I …
  • @acamso : PM me your email and I will send you the list.
  • - That's what this forum is for If its a bug post in the SER - bugs section, features post in SER - features, etc. If its licensing or something like that you can send an email. I'll Pm you the email.
  • @Stellario : No problems with a refund, but your issues aren't related to SEREngines. Your last two posts were related to proxies, starting jobs and scheduling, things that are both handled by SER. The product is very stable, and not really conside…
  • Well with both methods you're extracting random links from the URLs so I'm not sure which one would be better. You would still need to feed the extracting links into Pi for identification for both methods.
  • @Stellario : There are many reasons why the proxy isn't working, this error message says that when GSA SER tried to test your proxy and its connection to mailru, it failed.GSA SER will always do a quick proxy check and see if it can open the website…
  • : yes that is a proxy issue (dead/blocked), but looking at the URL that is not a SEREngines site.@Stellario : That error is because your proxies are dead/blocked. What proxies are you using? As the tutorial (…
  • @Stellario - It remembers the scheduled posting options you set when you start/stop a project so it shouldn’t be an issue. 
  • I will ask James about that error and get back to you. @Stellario - In the scheduled posting options look for the option called "Time to wait before first post" and next to that you will see the word "minutes". Click on "minutes" and it w…
  • @chamdi - From what I can see quicktopic isn't even an engine from SEREngines? Are you sure you don't have some other engines selected?  I would have imagined creating 500k links from a web 2.0 would have required thousands of email accounts. Prett…
  • @Deeeeeeee - That's a proxy error. Check and make sure you have captcha credits.
  • This is your URL blacklist database. If you click the URL blacklist button at the top of Pi you can choose "clear database".  The URL's from all your previous projects are saved there so that when you use the option "skip URL's in blacklist" its no…
  • But we haven't pushed a Pi update in a while. I've got 3 projects running at 64 threads each on my VPS and CPU is average 25%-40% We'll have a new update coming soon.
  • @Oscar: That depends on how many threads you are running.. Too many threads will cause timeouts because the pages won't load quick enough.Are you using proxies? If you would like I can remote login and see exactly the issue for you.
  • We've tried optimizing CPU in Pi before and unfortunately identifying and sorting is CPU intensive. We'll continue to try to optimize it, but I believe you mentioned you also have CPU with SER's identify and sort in as well.  You can try turning do…
  •  Pi can be very resource intensive at times. I see Scrapebox link extractor can hit around 33% CPU as well. Pi might hit 40% but its only for a second. It looks like you have 7 different software running at the same time? What kind of CPU does you…
  • Yep, we're already working on integrating Domdetailer API into Pi. It should be in the next update: Weird just realized I bumped an old thread from 2016. Why was this on the first page of the forum? I'm losing my mind o_0
  • @Oscar What are you using to solve captchas?
  • @grabriel88r - I mean in Platform Identifier there are 2 sets of engines. There are the default SER Engines and then the extended engines which use a bit more resources. Do you only have SER Engines selected? Also do you have limit bandwidth enabl…
  • @gabriel88r Which filtering options are you using? Are you filtering with extended engines selected too? 
  • @Oscar :  Thanks very much for your positive feedback. It keeps us going! I just tested the Harvard Edu social profile here and it seems to be verifying correctly. Can you PM the error you are getting?
  • @nipester - We talked about this via PM the other day. We'll look into it for a future update.
    in HTTP HEAD Comment by s4nt0s November 16
  • Wanted to mention that a 15 day free trial was added to SEREmails so anyone who wants to give it a shot can sign up and use it for a couple of weeks to see the results they get with SEREngines + SEREmails.
  • @foxymac : Ahh yes, that is a 2captcha error: You can create a new project using the same engines then right click on it and choose > modify project > import > account data > from other projects. Then…
  • @foxymak : I haven't seen that error before. Is it possible to remote login and take a look?Does it happen all the time? Even after a reboot?