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  • Seo_Gladiator
    if you can't send me my verified list I ordered on Monday or Tuesday morning. I guess I have to cancel. Can you help me please?

    December 2016
  • MaX
    Hi, I did use your list a long time ago when you first used BOX and then you switched to Dropbox, now I see that you use something like Blue Box. When you used Box you had a lot of problems. I used to be without synced folders for long periods of time. I also received lots of really bad sites , korean and russian mostly, sites with bandwidth issues as well. I would like to approach you and see if the quality and reliablity has improved since. I am not trying to offend you, just asking. If you can tell me that your lists are now performing a lot better I would like to join you again. Let me know if you have a moment.

    December 2015
  • qutepie
    Hi, just purchased the membership. How do I get started? Do I wait for the dropbox link? Thanks.
    June 2015
  • flowerbaron


    I have tried contacting you through the contact form in the members area (3 times) but still haven't had a response.

    I am not getting the submitted folder synched to my Dropbox.

    Can you please respond to my earlier requests?



    May 2015
  • scottwillinsky
    Hi Loopline, 

    How would you compare your lists with SERlists.com? I'm looking to rank youtube videos on top 3 of google search in low to medium competition keywords. 

    November 2014
  • MaX
    Hi Matt
    am I correct that the verified and working links should be found in the verified folder from which I then can extract them and can add them as links to be used as contextual links in article submission for example.

    I appreciate your help
    October 2014
  • lmint
    Hi - I was told you may be able to help me integrate gsa CB and Scrapebox. 

    Thanks in advance for help. Just getting started.

    October 2014
  • mda1125
    Matt -

    How can you tell if your proxies haven been banned from Google?  I don't see any errors per se in GSA and Scrapebox says it's fine (but my URLs with 20 semi-dedicated were only 1 URL per minute).  From some of the Scrapebox forum answers on BHW, it makes it sound like my proxies are banned yet I don't see anything in GSA and Scrapebox is saying they are working.

    Any method to check them to see if they are indeed the culprit?

    GSA is posting slowly (which is fine) and Scrapebox was only set to 2 Google Harvester connections.

    But I am using my proxies a lot.  Maybe the inevitable happened?

    Can't wait for SB 2.0!
    September 2014
  • Hornet25

    Thank you for such a detailed response. I have been able to do a number of screen grabs of the settings I am using which hopefully will help narrow down the problem.

    I am not sure of the best way of getting the images to you as I would prefer not to post them onto the forum where anybody could see them. Please let me know what is the best thing to do.

    I have been trying to do some testing myself and am beginning to think it maybe something to do with the speed of accessing the targets that I have. I can see in the bottom screen lines saying something like "no forms here" or "no engine matches" and when I click on those lines the browser that pops up says there is an issue with that website. However, when I try the target on my laptop, it brings up the website.

    I also have an image of the report screen which shows the tail end of a 8,500 verification run which basically delivered no verified links.

    To try and create some links, I started GSA SER running after I uploaded the target URLs to each project. This gave every project 470,000 targets. I have stopped the project now and checked it and each project (3 in total) have roughly 270,000 targets left. To my mind this means I have attempted 200,000 targets per campaign, so 600,000 in total and my total verified links have increased by about 33,000, which I am sure is way too low.

    Please let me know the best way to get the images to you.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I appreciate your contribution.

    Kind regards,

    August 2014