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  • macko
    Hi i have i changed my vps provider and cant use my license key,i get an info i used maximum number of actication.I activated my license a month ago but now dont have acces to that vps cuz its now terminated
    February 2017
  • dkgcreative
    hi TheBigWeb ,
    I am very interested in your Platinum Lifetime Index Nuke, but don't seem to be able to find in depth reviews.
    Would you have any discounted offers at the moment as I am ready to try this software?
    Appreciate your acceptance.

    April 2016
  • don3149
    Hi could i get a discount/coupon code for 310 indexer?
    March 2016
  • TheBigWeb changed his profile picture.
    November 2015
  • miami
    sorry, sent a message to you wrongly.

    My bad

    August 2014
  • zenthang
    How to use effective new
    May 2014
  • DexterLab
    Pls send me a PDF
    April 2014
  • DexterLab
    I just bought the software and I need to use my order number as a licence. I couldn't find licence anywhere or order number?
    April 2014
  • Badboy104
    I wonder the same thing as " nawshale " I have send you a pm!

    March 2014
  • nawshale
    @TheBigWeb I just bought this ... Honestly im very new to 301 technique. Can you give me a small explanation how this work with my spam project ? somehing like Money site spamming with Nuke 301 -- Blast with GSA SER ? or any best practices ? please
    March 2014
  • newbieseo
    Did you send out link to 1.3 beta? Did not get anything!
    March 2014
  • Hi miren, I'm afraid all the $27 copies have been sold. Really sorry.
    March 2014
  • miren
    Hello friend. Are you still selling for $27 or the price is back to $37?
    March 2014
  • newbieseo

    I bought software a while back - I would be interested in doing Beta - by the way - I have sen great results with current version!
    March 2014