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  • puntoGT
    Hi Sven

    Using GSA from normal PC now but i have a problem with my verified links GSA dont safe them in the verified folder now? Under options/advance/verified the box is checked but not save any links also after waiting 5 minutes, i try to change verified folder to new one but all the same. The problem starts when i using PRJacker to than never save any verified links.

    Always run GSA + CB with administrator rights

    When GSA runs all antivirus is turned off (In Avira + exceptions for GSA + CB is set)

    What can i do to solve it? A Friend of mine use same settings and has no problem on his machine.

    February 2016
  • luckyman2
    hey sven..
    i tried to create new engine about.me, but im confusion in register step
    if i opened on browser


    but im view in debug mode .. "no form at all in REGISTER STEP1" because not form in there


    what should i do?

    modify url=https://about.me/signup
    form name=Next*
    form id=c126
    form request with=XMLHttpRequest

    verify submission=1
    verify by=email
    first verify=1
    verify interval=5
    verify timeout=30
    verify on unknown status=1
    try to continue without verification=1

    December 2015
  • Marco_83
    Hallo Sven,
    eine kurze Frage. Wenn ich die Liste unter "Show Url's" >> "Verified" öffne, möchte ich gerne alle Url's auswählen, die im "Anchor Text" ein Keyword haben. Ich habe schon die Option "Select" >> "Select by Mask" ausprobiert, aber es werden nicht alle Zeilen die das Keyword im Anchor Text haben markiert. Habe auch schon "*keyword*, "*keyword" und "keyword*" probiert.

    Könntest du das bei Gelegenheit einmal prüfen bzw. die Funktion hinzufügen, dass nur die Zeilen ausgewählt werden, die ein Keyword im Anchor Text haben?!

    December 2015
  • cheaptricks
    This guy advertising on the forum (leading me and others to sign up for service) then the guy dosent come through, takes the money and dosent refund. Consider removing ads and link to service from SER?? as its just annoying.
    cheers, lee
    November 2015
  • Razvan
    Pls help....
    How do I set
    GSA Search Engine Ranker only to index backlinks dofollow?
    my statistic is very low,
    Total Backlinks 4,338
    dofollow 914 21%
    nofollow 3,416 79%

    November 2015
  • AdamS
    Hi Sven,
    can you just tell me please how to take Queen St from 46 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia 
    number 46 is dynamic
    I tried  front1=*[0-9]* but not working
    October 2015
  • Eli713
    his is very nice and active forum .. . . I like it
    October 2015
  • AdamS
    September 2015
    One question lets say i have 4 sites for the same product can i just add all URLs on the URLs option or do you recommend creating 1 campaign for each url, in other words can i use the same campaing for all 4 sites since all keywords, articles ans all other options will be the same.
    September 2015
  • AdamS
    Captcha doesn't work mate ;(
    September 2015
  • AdamS
    September 2015
  • AdamS
    Even for money???
    September 2015
  • AdamS
    September 2015

    I would like to know how much you charge to teach me in how to create a good quality links in your tool, please let me know.

    August 2015
  • Propeller.TV
    Hi Sven i have replaced Gary at Propeller.Industries and i am getting used to using the GSA Email spider tool Shane just wants me to confirm some basic procedures on it with you, any tips on using it basiaclly?
    July 2015
    • Propeller.TV
      Specifically any ways of maximizing its use on your system and the best I.P Tool to use?
  • codyjason
    Hi Sven. I have a problem about platform. Do you help me? I don't know what is this platform. This is link public: http://www.kooora90.com/football/blogs/8903/36552/made-some-changes-to-the-new-ind
    August 2015
  • jokima
    I do not want to get random anchor text, how to get exact anchor text from URL field,my problem:
    July 2015
    • jokima
      Do you mean to say that after submitting articles, ANCHOR_COMES_HERE will be examples GSA TEST55,so i do not worry Anchor text there is the word 'ANCHOR_COMES_HERE'?
  • AndrewSklar
    I used GSA rank 2 weeks . But Now i open it ,after fill name and key then it show need activation code?
    July 2015
  • toritoreshulong
    Sven do you have skype?
    June 2015
  • harper
    Sven,I have some problems.Could you help me?
    Thank you very much.
    June 2015
  • johnwayne
    Sveen, please help me..

    I really hope you can save my life..
    May 2015
  • scm
    scm Sven
    Hi Sven,

    Can I get affiliate links for GSA SER when I promote it with SCM.

    April 2015
  • wasif966
    sometimes the software works and other times it doesn't. for instant when I used it first thing this morning it worked...but after a little while it stopped parsing the sites. i reloaded it, and even restarted my computer and I can't seem to get it to go out and parse websites. After about 10 minutes it comes back, "Sorry, no data found."

    Need help ASAP


    • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
       17560.00 KarmaFlag
      Maybe it is blocked by using the search engines in the background?
    • wasif966wasif966 pakistan
       6.00 KarmaFlag
      then how we can fix this problem..
      if not possible to fix this issue ..the software will be usless...
    April 2015
  • Seo_Gladiator

    Sven. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me. I'm about to lose my mind on this :-)

    I duplicated a 3 tier project for another website project. The 1st website 3 tier project is running your list fine. The 2nd website 3 tier project won't run your list. Am I missing something here. I duplicated allthe settings and changed all the keywords for the 2nd website that was duplicated. I can't get it to run it just says reloading URL settings. I'm using FCS networker for 1st tier and then Ron's tier structure for both websites. Ican't get it to find the list to run on the the duplicated website. It still runs fine on the 1st website 30lpm. I'm stuck, your help greatly appreciated. thanks.

    This was yesterday. I started over today and duplicated it again and I can't get the site list to run on the duplicated project at all. I have global site list checked and duplicated "everything" from the original project.  Thanks in advance.

    April 2015
  • craigbal1
    April 2015
  • craigbal1
    Ok am going to use fcs networker to import the web 2.0 urls i have learned how to import them via api key verify only.What i am trying to say when you have six posts in one web2.0 accounts does it sen all the six urls to GSA or just one from that web2.0 account
    March 2015
  • angelpee
    Hi Sven,

    I am having issues with GSA Ser, for whatever reason when I start my campaigns I am getting the
    download failed aborted error and my cpu is at 0% and I'm getting no confirmed links or submitted
    for that matter.

    Nothing is working, I have 50 semi private proxies from buyproxy.org and read the previous forum
    threads but there doesn't seem to be a solution.

    I have a dedicated server with 32 gigs of ram and not sure what steps I need to take in order to
    get the GSA SER tool working again.

    Is the software still working and is there anything I might be able to do in order to get the tool
    working again?

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    February 2015
    • Murthy
      Check if your proxies are alive in GSA... Mostly its due to dead proxies try replacing them and run at a lower thread speed with higher HTML time out to avoid burning out your proxies
  • explosive94
    February 2015
  • on1x1
    Hi sven, can you help me with this error on emails:

    "The error is this "POP3 Login failed - SockError: No Buffer space available"

    regards and thanks
    February 2015
  • dark007
    Hello Sven I Have Request on Here:https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/16370/how-to-import-serlist-in-gsa-ser#latest. Help Me Out Here Thanks.
    February 2015