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  • jonathanjon
    hey, saw your strategy in one of the post about tier 1 and 2 and throwing them to lindexed and seo indexer.

    I have some questions for you. Are you ranking with this method and are there more and more links showing up in backlink checkers like ahrefs with your method and indexing method?

    Also, exactly what platforms do you use for 1st tiers that don't get you sandboxed? Thanks.
    June 2013
    • Startrip
      i started that strategy 2 weeks ago on a new page.

      i already did it on accident when i tried out GSA on a throw-away site. Basically this page survived all the updates and now outranks my moneysite.
      im using all platforms except referrers,pingbacks,statistics and blog comment. within the platforms i use all engine that give results.
      my new project is somewhere on page 3.
      and yes, it shows backlinks on sites like ahrefs. but you have to remember that this is not the reality. no ahrefs, no SEOMOZ and no backlinkchecker in general shows you every indexed link.
      i'm not recommending this strategy if youre after longterm, but its definitely good for churn&burn sites.
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    April 2013