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  • TryAMillion
    Hi SamWylde

    Good to see you on here... IMG
    May 2016
  • mahendralink
    Hello wyldesoftware,

    I want buy bulk-moz-checker/ software and for this I've tried many time contact with you but I didn't get any response from your side.

    I want to ask some question - How many domain I can check in 1 day?
    How many domain I can load in one time?
    This is one time payment, yearly OR monthly

    Please reply back at
    Hearing too soon.

    May 2016
    • monitorr
      Please tell me more about this package?
  • tcsmith007
    Hi SamWylde,

    I believe you might have been selling some Domains recently on your website (think I got an email). Do you know when you might have some new Domains for sale. I'm interested in adding to my PBN and I remember you had some good ones when I checked but then they sold out.


    August 2014
    • SamWylde
      We should be re-stocked in 3-4 day's. We will send out another email :).
  • davidryan
    Waiting on my API and license ordered yesterday
    May 2014
    • SamWylde
      Your email is not working.
    • davidryan
      sent you a message with email let me know should be no problems with it.
  • lightning
    Hey Sam, you never responded to my emails from May 5th.. Can you answer (see below)? Thanks.

    1) Can you confirm whether all web requests that call the API are generated from my machine directly?  Moz isn't tracking the number of requests by IP (regardless of number of keys) ? 

    2) Is there no concern with rows returned per month? The free API accounts are throttled  at 1 million rows per month and even the paid API accounts have restrictions on number of rows returned all the way up to 40 million rows per month for the $10k/month plan ;-)

    May 2014
    • SamWylde
      1. They are generated form your computer, yes. Moz does not track API usage by IP.
      2. I am not sure about the 1 million rows, we have a batch of API's that I am pretty sure had way more checks than that in a month.
  • SamWylde joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    August 2012