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  • aktimel

    could You please check priv msg :/ cannot make it working
    June 2017
  • SocksHub
    Hi man,
    I want to sticky my thread on buy/sell trade section.
    How much&how should I pay for it?
    Waiting for your kindly reply soon. 

    Thank you.
    June 2017
  • amoya
    regard the comment i wroite in:

    if you want me to give u a spun article in that language for testing please let me know i will transfer you it

    April 2017
    • amoya
      sorry , i confused as private message, please delte this
  • vignesh676
    Hi S4nt0s,

    Sven redirected me to you with a 301 redirect.
    is there plans to integrate indexnuke with GSA SER as I can see indexnuke banners?. 
    February 2016
    • s4nt0s
      I think he misunderstood your question. No plans for that at the moment as far as I know.
    • DanielK
      Hi, how did you get your spinner API?
    • s4nt0s
      Spinner API? I use spinrewriter so if you login and click the API tab at the top, you'll see your API key.
  • ClintButler

    I saw you were the point of contact for SEREngines and was wondering if I could get some help.

    I was having problems with account creation.

    So I changed email types, changes proxies, drop thread counts etc and nothing worked.

    I was reading the thread and you suggested to someone having the same problem to delete the files so SER would reinstall everything again.  Well I did that, but none of the files were reinstalled.

    All that was put back was a verification file that had this in it:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Error><Code>AllAccessDisabled</Code><Message>All access to this object has been disabled</Message><RequestId>410778407D9B2C09</RequestId><HostId>xZY+Q8CbdmDZbWQ2ugS+FJjI6zgwyBZSeSI2VPWcQf3bH4v3AFugU9zb0H+2gWODgAXY6crMX98=</HostId></Error>

    I know my subscription is good because it was just renewed.

    Here is my support ID: 8AB69062

    Any help you can offer to get this add-on making links would be greatly appreciated.

    January 2017
  • amoya
    i read some of your message in about web2 sites, you mean the "SERengine beta" right ?
    (i just bought it again)

    January 2017
  • averac

    I would like to post a topic on BST section. Can you please help with more info? Thanks.
    September 2016
  • kattupoochi
    Hi sir,

    @Sven inform me that contact you. I request you to please check my VPS.
    August 2016
    Hi sven redirected my to you can you please have a lock at mi project and tell me what im doing wrong why is not working for mi please 
    May 2016
  • DexterLab
    Hello, I am the co-owner and developer of the Indexer software, only software that index links in almost instantly with high percentage of indexed links. I am the old user of GSA SER and I have recommended GSA for many of my clients. I have 3 licences of GSA SER and GSA Captcha breaker.
    This is the link http://authorityindexer.com/ of the software and I would like to know what else is needed so my product will be approved for selling in buy and tread section.
    May 2016
  • Mitch
    Interested in advertising on the site, can you send  me any details please?
    February 2016
  • javitorferrr
    Hello s4ntOs thanks po respond apologize for my English

    If I tried to open some registry maualmente and some do seem to be out of service. But there are many that if the product is opened for recording.
    Apparently the problem GSA to open web does not register.

    Before it worked well.
    Now do not let any plataforma.Article links, blog, Forun, microblos, indexer, Guestbook, Pingback, RSS, Social, Trackback, web 2.0 ....

    I also tested with Serengines.com single project to create WEB 2.0 and not working. .

    All the time (engine matches) and (no form at all) leaves links
    Not understand how to solve my leaving Gsa follow links.
    What can I do 
    September 2015
  • Se7n
    I came across your blog and watched the tutorial on gsa serengines...I am having terrible actually zero success with the web 2.0 submissions...I am using private proxy...death by captcha...and have manually created e-mails...any other suggestions...oh by the way great discount on scrapebox...thats going to be my next tool as soon as as i figure out gsa...any help would be great . 
    August 2015
  • mo1962mn

    did what you said bout changing "skip" to random and also changed the timeout from 90 to 110 and starting to get more verified so many thanks for your advise. would you mind sending me on what your settings are for a normal campaign along with how many proxies you use and also how many emails etc as this has been driving me crazy for weeks now..I don't mind paying you if you can get me on the right track.

    Many thanks


    May 2015
  • craigbal1
    So just scraping them with gsa not recommended 
    March 2015
    • s4nt0s
      Sure, you can do that, but if you want to get the most links possible at the fastest rate possible, its more efficient to use a verified list or scrape your own.
  • halyosy
    sir hallo

    i want to ask a few question please help me

    i am barely new at this gsa world

    as far i am knew it's bad to link your main website to GSA SER right? can you tell me if i can use SerEngine to my main website is it safe?
    March 2015
    • s4nt0s
      You should read into tiered link building. You can use a layer of buffer sites like web 2.0's to help add a layer of protection. There are many threads here discussing tiered link building.
  • rafi
    Can  you help me with k2 on PI?
    February 2015
    • s4nt0s
      It should already be added in the latest version
  • fng
    Are you offering any Christmas special for platform identifier?
    December 2014
    • s4nt0s
      Hey, sorry no discounts for the Platform Identifier, yet.
  • chaos83
    Hi, can i test your new tool?
    October 2014
  • mda1125
    Are you using a VPS for SER or just running it at home with proxies?
    October 2014
    • s4nt0s
      I'm currently running a dedicated server from solidseovps + proxies.
  • bencrabara
    I'm an affiliate for http://xsubmitterlabs.com/. Would there be any qualms if I listed a sales thread here? (I would be paying for the listing). Just wanted to ask before writing up a sales thread. :)
    May 2014
  • haris3
    Hi there

    I have problem scrape footprints from urls. At the end the gscraper write "trying extracting footprint stopped" 
    Can you help what to do? I try to contacting the support from Saturday but no answer. I send emails to sale and support but nothing. I did skype research for gscraper support but still don't get authorization. What happen here?

    Thanks in advance
    February 2014
  • bloupbloup
    Just a small question:

    In your youtube video, you said you used several engine types directly to a website URL. Does it mean you don't use TIER 1 sites ? 

    I mean you use blog comments / guestbook comments / img comments / trackbacks among other directly to your moneysite?

    I ask you this because i have witnessed the webmaster capability of causing harm to other websites. I am not scared of Googlebot so much. I am much more concerned about other webmasters. By the past, my VPN service already received a complaint from webmaster because his website was hit too much. (knowing that i create 20 backlinks per day...huh). I just forgot to activate proxies that day. 

    I like to directly create backlinks to my money site because it helps to hide my backlinks strategy to other webmasters. If i had only 4 blogs as backlink for a TIER 1 linking to my moneysite, everyone that look at my website in majesticseo or ahref would see and understand what i am doing. 

    On the other hand, i am concerned that a crazy webmaster send an email to my web host or Google saying that i spam websites. That's why i am interested in people who used GSA in direct linking to moneysite for a long period of time.

    Thank you in advance. 
    October 2013
    • s4nt0s
      Hey, I've had good results building links directly to my money site and using tiers as well. When I do build links to my money site I usually keep the filters pretty strict.

      I've never used a VPN for SER so I can't comment much on that but I do know some peoples VPN subscriptions were cancelled do to using it with automated link building tools.

      I use private proxies when link building of course and haven't really had to deal with complaints from webmasters.
  • awint
    how many engine working so far by jamese?
    March 2013
  • awint
    how many engine working so far by jamese?
    March 2013
  • ron
    I just posted a quick review under my chumley alias. Unfortunately I spend no time posting there, so I have a non existent post count in that forum. So I probably appear to be a newbie.
    February 2013