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  • Anees
    Hi there,

    I saw your comment on the thread -

    I also got the GSA SER and interested to buy some good links but reluctant to buy anyone.

    Since you used many services like 1linklist, serlists, loopline and even, can you please suggest me which one I should buy?

    What's your experience with the paid verified links?

    I will very much appreciate your help in choosing me the right verified list.

    Thank you.

    January 2015
    • OldFusser
      Sorry, I haven't been on this forum in a minute. Anyways here goes:

      I would suggest scraping your own to be honest BUT LoopLine and Trevor's BST here are very good services. is complete garbage!!! 1LinkList and SerLists are "decent" but SerLists lists are heavily spammed by people buying and distributing the list. 1LinkList had MANY MANY targets when I used them when they first came out but 95% were blog comment, guestbook, or junk type platforms.

      So in short, go with Trevor or Loop.
  • backlinkaddict
    Hey I am not exactly sure what you mean. I will not talk about "other services" in the main forum as it should be about Ser.

    But I use Serengines to get web 2.0 blogs and web 2.0 profiles updated in Ser it's 15$ a month and worth it..

    There is a macro recorder in Senuke Xcr to create scripts and users can share with each other but I dont realy use it..

    My two Favorite tools are SER and Magic Submitter. Magic Submitter is 67$ a month but engines are updated and you can create your own browser/socket based scripts for any site you want.

    It is a Pain in the ass in Ser so I have been trying to find a way to create scripts in like magic submitter and transfer into Ser in possible. I just started looking into it. I really hope Ser gets its own browser. I would pay a monthly fee for that and it would improve program a lot..

    Noot sure if that answers your ? Lmk

    November 2014
    • OldFusser
      Yeah it does. Thank you. I already figured SEREngines or maybe FSC Networker. And since I don't have either I was just wondering if they supported more than just web 2.0s and bookmarks that could be integrated into SER. I have a license for Magic but never really used it. Maybe I'll update and take a look. Thanks again.
  • youngboy
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    November 2014