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In terms of the Premium Social Networks provided by rankerx software are there any better and worse sites or all of them are equal? I am just wondering if it is worth filtering them...

Do you have any particular platforms you use for your MS or you just go on with all of them?


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    The working scripts on RX seems to fluctuate depending on what they are doing but their update pushed about a week or so ago seems to have fixed the majority of the premium social networks and profiles. I used to filter them to have do follow links only but it costs me around 7 cents for a full blast of premium social networks now so I just run them all off.
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    cheers mate, let me put it this way - according to you a subdomain created on eg isblog.net (which generates as the whole domain in total around 800 UV/month) will have equal power as a subdomain created eg on a tumblr.com (37M UV/month)

    it's just a domain generating less than 1K UV/month with over 45k referring domains pointing to it looks like a shitty place to created a web20 on....

    unless it does not matter for google...
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    I have no idea if it matters to Google or not but my new thinking is to try and go for as many pages that will stick as possible from as many unique reffering domains as possible for my T1 now as none of my SER only T1 projects have taken off for months now. Then as these posts stick I am building T2 and T3 links to them to power the pages up.

    My current thinking is that penguin 4 added something that reduces/eliminates the link juice passed from a page that goes on and offline often as many of the SER targets do due to various reasons. For my T1 links I just want them to stay online as often as possible so that the link juice from T2/T3 can pass to the money site.

    This is all just my theory as I only started this round of sites recently but one of the sites is already getting more traffic that some of the sites I built back around November time so its looking like it may work.
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    You are better with web 2.0 profiles they are always updating with high DA sites (Premium)
    Every update so far has been a high DA edu site

    I have just used RX to rank sites...building custom pyramids- 3 -4 tiers

    Check the log sheet and you will see the DA on all the sites
  • beastmode

    thanks mate, but still.... what about high DA social network platforms?
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