Creating my own PBNs

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I am targeting many low/medium competition KWs. I know a lot of people rank their sites with automated tools/guest posts/PBNs (expired/auction domains).
For the start, as I don't have much budget, I am thinking of creating my own PBNs built on fresh global com domains.

My question is: does anyone have any experience in this field? Can I obtain any advice here or tutorials?


  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    I tried it and I am planning to return to doing it.

    The thing is this is not really a PBN as the domains are totally fresh, I used to call it an FBN for fresh blog network but now reffer to it as a buffer network as it is easier.

    The results were all over the place when I did it tbh, some sites saw jumps some never moved. You will have to tier your sites up either way to get some power into them.
  • I am thinking of creating: EMD/PMD
    Great and long relevant content using long tails.

    The question is what sort of backlinks to build and how to schedule the campaign.

    I am testing it several ways right now however would really appreciate any case study if anyone has ever tried with success.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I've got a service almost ready to launch that could assist you with obtaining PBN domains for ranking, the system will basically allow you to obtain 2x the amount of PBN domain links with what you have, extending your reach for PBN links at a low cost, would be ideal for medium competition keywords, fresh domains and also old domains with metrics will be available.
  • @Tim89

    Can you show an example of such a PBN?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @melaton the PBN domains will be very much like a normal PBN site, I am currently inserting domains into the pool, as more users subscribe to the system, they will also add domains to the pool and soon enough there will be a healthy amount of PBN links you could obtain.

    I will post more details once its ready to launch.

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