can someone explain to me how i can post to SErengine blogs after initial accoutn creation and first post?

1. can i post to the same blogs (same accounts) using the same project using SER just by importing a new article?
2. I have to login manually and make a post?



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    I guess it's holiday weekend in the U.S., so responses are slow BUT I'm fast losing confidence with SERengines. A monthly subscription SHOULD ensure that questions are answered and to be honest, questions such as this shouldn't need to be asked. There should be clear, concise instructions from the software suppliers telling their users how to do such simple things as posting multiple articles to a Web 2.0 account.

    Please Help

  •  I have no option but to agree with you 100% 
  • I am also a subscriber but yet to figure out the working
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    SERengines is a big waste of money. they claim it fills out the profiles of accounts created, but ive yet to see it! they occasionally add new blogs, why dont the fix the ones they have first so that we get the profile feature. their website is utter crap, no info, its like they cant be bothered. I use it to create tier 2s but the success rate sucks, I use fresh private proxies, fresh hotty accounts good captcha service and finally me sitting there breaking captures. Every run I was getting 32 accounts. utter rubbish. Its easier to make your tier 2s with senuke and import them. This service is bring down GSA reputation. If your thinking about using the service dont bother, waste of money.
  • SvenSven
    @Tibbsy you signed up just to say that right? You are a SENuke fan boy? :-/ 
  • After reading all the posts about SER in this forum I decided to buy it and suddenly this thread pops up lol. As far as I know they have a decent support ( Ofcourse they cant beat @sven). You have to enter captcha manually coz even good captcha services make mistake. All the blogs in SER are working perfectly and I don't know whats there to fix it.
  • I ran my first campaign using serengines and only got 8 verified. Is there a way to go back ant re-try the unsucessful submission?
  • SvenSven
    delete target url cache and restart.
  • Do i need Many Private Proxies for this ? Or 10 20 will be enough , Or Am i able to create multiple Accounts in Any Amount ?
    One More Question: How much platforms its Supporting now?. are they Working Fine Guys ?.
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