What indexing service(s) are you using ?

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Hello to all,

I'm using GSA very long time...I was using lindexed some time but then I stopped subscription...
Now, I'm thinking to try it again or maybe to use some other indexing service.

What is your experience and recommendation about indexing services ?


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    +1 for any recommendations… 
  • OzzOzz
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    Many of us use GSA Indexer which is a one time payment of $20/€15. I can't compare it to the other services though.
  • I also use GSA Indexer, but my question was about other commercial services 
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    Lindexed :) Best value (beside Sven's Tool) till now I think...
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    I was using BacklinksIndexer, but did not see that much benefit from it (when using it with SER, standalone, or with other programs). I am now only using GSA SEO Indexer.

    Since GSA SER is getting better and better and producing more and more backlinks, the problem I see is the ability to feed enough links to whatever service you are using. I am getting over 1000 verified links/day with SER now (running pretty conservatively). I could see being able to get 2-3000 links/day (some others may even be getting more).

    Having an account with any of the monthly paid services that can handle that amount starts to get to be pretty expensive.
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