Little bit off topic-anyone recommend a keyword research tool?

With SER & CB, I ve seen some nice results. Now building some new money sites, would be happy if anyone recommend a nice keyword research tool to save some time? Right now I'm thinking keywordscout, is there anything better or close to it? Features needed: scrape, filter(all geographic related, non-action related such as xx review, xx reference, etc), show google keywords tool data inside the software. Thanks


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    Maybe try MarketSamurai...they have a good research module. 
  • Thanks AlexR, trying their 12 days trial, seems good for now :-*
  • I have to say Gscraper has replaced scrapebox for me easily.

    It scrapes a LOT of keywords FAST!
    It checks and finds footprints, check pr, etc.etc..
    And of course its the fastest scraper on the seo scene without doubt.

    Been using  pro version 5 days now and its saved me days of time and well impressed with it.

    Now if I could just hack into its proxies, so could use with SER THAT would be awesome :P
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    cool i may look into gscrpaer. thanks. scrapebox is absolute useless all i use it for is name generating :o (they expect you to buy a plugin just to make it work... why should i trust buying extra for something that hasnt been working efficiently for me anyway?
  • You wont regret it m8ty If you do I'll send ya the $38 to buy it..that how sure I am you will be amazed.
    work right out the box and its my 2nd best seo tool (after SER of course)
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    market samurai


    and your brain.20.

    for gscraper proxies: got to:

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    It depends on what you want to spend.  

    A good free setup would be google keyword tool (gkwt) and traffic travis free. 

    I currently use gkwt with secockpit and traffic travis pro (got it for free through a promo).

    I might switch to keyword canine though after I try it out.

    Another cheap tool that I really like Is stealth keyword competition analyzer it like $20 bucks or something and it helps find good keywords.  (Although its slow)  It's damn good.

    Hope this helps and is not to overwhelming.  Lol.
  • GKWT is all you need and a keen eye for what the top 10 SERPS results are telling you.

    GKWT is good to give a rough estimate of expected traffic. The top 10 SERPS show you the competition on a plate. Of course you can then go to a backlink checker (ahrefs etc.) and get a rough idea of back links but the real important thing is whether you can think of a buyer keyword first. No keyword tool will give you that. It takes a bit of intuition and brain energy. 
  • @seagul

    Do you use seoquake or something similar to look at the competition or just pure instinct and ahrefs.

    Also how can you tell if you'll be able to rank a keyword with just gsa ser.  I'm definitely interested in your approach. It's cheap.  lol.
  • Yes SEOquake is a good tool :) 

    If you see any of the following ranking on page 1 for your keyword there may be a chance you can rank:
    • forum posts with keyword
    • sites without your exact keyword in Title tag, description tag and URL (although URL less so since EMD update)
    • low PR pages
    • pages with very few backlinks 
    that kind of thing.
  • Definitely, Google Keyword Tool is a must. Besides, SeoQuake add-on sometimes comes in handy to check the keyword density. There's also a Motoricerca tool for that. I wouldn't go for Traffic Travis just because of the limited functionality for keyword research. I also use Rank Tracker which is a part of SEO PowerSuite pack. Besides tracking positions it has a comprehensive module for keyword research. It takes data from multiple sources like Wordtracker, Google tool, Bing related searches, competitors, etc. So to do keyword research I currently need Rank Tracker and common sense.
  • I also use Google Keyword tool when looking for the keywords for my website, they update their data very often and give you suggestions as well. Another good tool is also the one of Google's - Trends, it explains you how the term popularity various from month to month. I've recently come across another tool that allows you to see the keywords of your competitor. Haven't tried it yet, but knowing my competitor keywords should help me a lot when choosing mine)) Oh, here's a link:
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