GSA SER 13.43 ... XEvil empty problem

steelpantiesteelpantie Seoul
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GSA SER 13.43 ... XEvil empty problem

I am using GSA SER 13.43.
And I bought XEvil for OCR.

But I have been struggling for two days.
All methods were used.

Option - All API methods TEST (most CAPTCHA services)
Various ports (81, 8080, etc)
XEvil 3.04, XEvil 4.0

"Check Balance" is OK.

However, Test Captcha does not work.
All APIs, all methods, all XEvil versions.

Now I realized.
There is a problem with the GSA SER.

The host file is fine.
I added all the Capcha services to the hosts file.

All responses are as follows.
Empty reply

How should we solve it?
Now there is no way I can do it anymore.

Is there a way to get a GSA SER older version?


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Im sorry but there is nothing wrong over here. Are you trying to send the internal captcha and/or the the recaptcha test?

    Also please follow the instructions given when adding the service.

    • 1. Launch XEvil (right click -> Run as Admin)
    • 2. Go to Settings and choose "RuCaptcha"
    • 3. Enter the same Host/Port here and in XEvil (maybe change port 80 to 8181 or anything else if it is already used by other tools)
    • 4. For XEvil v4.xx+ select Modules, ReCaptcha2 from the menu (you might have to run XRummer first)
    • 5. Change to the XEvil->Monitoring and make sure all is green
  • I have already followed the instructions.


    But, All responses are as follows.
    Empty reply
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    And you tried to submit the internal captchas? Because the log of XEvil shows something with invalid image size.
  • steelpantiesteelpantie Seoul
    edited March 13
    I Resolved.

    Fixed Window7 - Control Panel - Current language for non-Unicode programs setting.

    Korean -> English
    Only non-Unicode settings have been fixed.

    It was a Unicode issue with XEvil.

    Thank you.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    can you maybe make screenshots of that so I can put it in the manual?
  • The XEvill developer says ...
    If you are using a Korean or Chinese version, you have to change Windows to English version.

    But I did not have to change to the English version.
    We solved it just by setting the Unicode program.

    WINDOW7 -> Control panel - Region and Lanuages

    [Language for non-Unicode programs]

    Change Korean or Chinese to English.

    [Korean Windows]

    [English Windows]

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    thanks a lot. I have updated the manual based on your sscreenshots.
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