Gmail verification, no parsing

Hi, I got some problems with email verifications.

- The GMail is configured for POP3
- I made a filter to be sure everything goes into the inbox
- In the project > email tab when I do the test, GSA says it's ok.

But then in the log I can't see the "Parsing XXX emails". Sounds like it can't retrieve the emails. Any advice? Something that I'm missing in the list above?

[ ] Verifying links...
[ ] E-Mail Verification finished.
[ ] Verifying finished (36 checks done)
[!] No more links to verify (verify only mode), stopping!


  • SvenSven
    there is no link to verify so it is not even logging in to your email account.
  • edited March 12
    Thanks for the answer. OK here's what happens with some images, I made a project with only 1 URL :

    #1 registration (seems ok)

    #2 mail arrives

    #3 since it was a little long I stopped the project and set to Email verification only

    #4 after that I restarted the project in full Active mode, nothing happens. If I do right click on the project and all the "Show urls" items (Submitted, Verified, Remaining Target URLs, etc) are empty

    What do you think?

    Ah in the email there's the activation link :

  • SvenSven
    that email check is done 5 minutes after the you need to wait some more here as the screenshot shows you have done that check instantly.
  • Did it again, waited 5 mins :

  • SvenSven
    is it even showing up in "right click->show urls->submitted" ?
    send the project backup please.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Got your backup and fixed things in latest update. Though as I was trying to login to your gmail account from a different location, you might have to login once more by web and answer some captcha or alike to allow it.
  • Excellent, I will test later in the day, thanks! No problem about the Gmail.
  • And it works! At least on the "1 target" test - with lots of targets I got shitty results but it's probably a bad list. Anyway, thanks for the fix Sven!
  • SvenSven
    your welcome
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