Hey guys!

I'm looking for help here as I couldn't get much help from SERocket. I purchased their linklists but getting very few results even after following their detailed guidelines, support is kinda slow too. Would really appreciate if anyone could help out. I've included some screenshots below:

Note: I'm using StormProxy's Backconnect Proxies (15Minutes Gateway) and my VPS's GSA Captcha Breaker via Decaptcher w/API.



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    In settings > advanced:

    I would suggest using 2 different folders. One folder stores the list of sites you want to build links from (Identified). The 2nd folder builds a new list from your verified links and saves them in the verified folder. (Verified).

    Move your current folder for serocket linklists to identified. Add a new location for the verified folder and leave the verified box ticked.

    Set up one campaign to use the identified folder only. This campaign will build a new verified list for you, reading sites from the se rocket list (identified folder), and saving the new links in the verified folder.

    Set up all other campaigns to use verified folder only. These campaigns will run super fast as they are only using sites that are successful tested on your set up.

    I don't know why you only have forum sites selected. This will seriously reduce the number of links you'll get from any site list.

    For proxies, there are other options. Personally I use public proxies. You can get thousands of different ips on site registrations.

    40 threads is also not a very high number. It will take longer to see links appear at this speed. Try higher threads if your set up can support it. I'm running at 700 threads and get over 100 vpm. Over 100,000 links per day from one install.

    As for site lists, loopline is the go to guy for excellent site lists. You will notice the difference in vpm. Or spend time learning how to make footprints and scrape your own sites. Much better than using public site lists.

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