Content Generator Features Request

Hi guys,
Hi Sven,

I would like to request the following features for a new version of GSA Content Generator.

1. Option that the article title will be the same as the keyword I put in.

- Lets say I put the Keyword "Online Casino" into the tool, it might create an article about online casinos but will choose a title on its own. But an option, where the Article Title is the same as the keyword would be nice. Sometimes you need a very specific topic in an Article and so it would be cool that the tool does not generates the content and the title on itself, just sticks 100% to the keyword.

Because after exporting the content into Wordpress via XML you might need the Title and also the Slug as "Online Casino" or /online-casinos/ in this case, that would be a lot easier with such an option.

2. Bulk Export of Projects into 1 Export file

- When I am correct at the moment this does not work? I would like to export 1000 projects into 1 export file (XML for Wordpress for example). At the moment I am getting 1000 XML files then. Or I did not find the correct option so far.

3. Generation of "Longtails / Google Suggests" as Headlines

- I am not sure if the tool can do this at the moment. Lets say I would like to create an article about Aspirin, to mention a product here. And I want the fitting longtails as h2 or h3 in the content.

So the tool could scrape them, for example from the Google Suggest. I tell the tool to use 5 suggests and it would create me up to 5 headlines, in this case:

  • Aspirin Complex
  • Aspirin Plus C
  • Aspirin Effect
  • Aspirin Protect
  • Aspirin Wirkstoff
And then fill those sections with content, maybe fitting content to the longtail. This would be super handy for ranking longtails with the same article. Headlines are quite powerful at the moment at Google.

Thats all for now, thanks for the awesome product again.


  • SvenSven
    1. You have a project option to use titles with keywords already
    2. Thats working as well - select project->export button on toolbar->...
    3. you can get these from keyword suggestion scraper (EDIT next to keyword input->...)
    Though these are not added as "spoilers". Might be indeed worth another option here.
  • 1.
    You have a project option to use titles with keywords already
    Thats "Title with Keywords" under "Output", right? Maybe is possible to tell GSA Content Generator only to use the Keyword as Title and to not add any other stuff? That would be nice, because while importing the content into Wordpress it would create long urls, because of the long title. If I want it short, lets say /aspirin/, the title has only to be "Aspirin", as I am importing that bulk.

    I am very sorry, I cannot get this to work...
    Lets say I have 5 projects and every project has 1 article. I select them all, click on "Export" in the upper left next to "NEW". Then I scroll down and click "Wordpress XML" as Export format. 

    Then "Export From all Projects" -> Yes
    "Insert Images, etc" -> Yes
    Minimum Uniqueness -> 0
    Amount to add spinned articles -> 1 (idk what this does)

    It always creates me 1 XML file each (per project).

    But that is something that must be done by hand in each project, or am I wrong? If so, would be awesome to get this option automated and bulk, with a limit (for example scrape me 5 keyword suggests each per project and use them as h2 in 1 article or so).

    Thanks again Sven :)
  • SvenSven
    1. try to replace the titles after articles created by popup menu.
    2. thats need to merge the created xml files yourself or even import them in Wordpress on batch.
    3. next update allows you to add or scrape for long tail keywords which can later be used as decoration/spoiler (optional when pressing CONFIGURE). So you only add the long tail keywords yourself once and it will add them to the article.
  • 1. Yeah... what I need the tool for is just plain bulk with thousands and more articles, so if you can, please add this as a bulk option in the future!

    2. Also here, maybe you can consider to add this as a new feature in the future. Copy /b is not an option for thousands of XML files and so far I did not find any smart way to import multiple XML at once into a Wordpress instance. Big thanks!

    3. Sounds promising and should do it very well! Again, if what would be doable bulk for thousands of projects, I would highly appreciate that as a feature.

    In the end you decide, I only can make some suggestions for future versions. Great work so far!

    Thanks a lot for your time.
  • Hi, I need the same feature, not able to rename all articles.
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