Recent Update GSA Website Contact V2.33 Does not appear to work - too many URLs?

Hi all,

I've updated GSA Website Contact to V2.33 and it does not appear to work.
I copied a legacy campaign that had worked on an earlier version.
I did not copy the target URL's and had at first imported 100k target URLs.
I figured this was probably too many target URLs so split into batches of 24,000 target URLs but still doesn't work.
The number of threads is set to between 2000-4000 (Have a fast PC and decent bandwidth)
The software appears to start the process but all 'fail.'
GSA Captcha Breaker is plugged in and working as it passed test.

The project was copied from the last working one below it that was known to be working and no settings have changed.
Software is also allowed through firewall.

Does any one have any ideas please?




  • SvenSven
    common 2000 threads? Your network is probably not even ready for 500. Please drop that before complaining.
  • looplineloopline
    To @Sven point, windows really starts to balk at around 2000 threads.   4000 is going to likely be an issue.  Even might google understands this and uses many smaller machines vs using lesser larger more powerful machines. 

    In my own server farm of more then a dozen VPS and dedicated serves I go smaller and more rather then larger.  I typically don't exceed 1000 connections total on a windows server, on average.  Sometimes more, but its setting in a data center running a server version of windows and still my cap is lower then your minimum. 

    That aside, the error log would also be helpful, as if they all fail, there will be a reason listed next to them all.  If its all like 407, your proxies are not working and probably the ip is setup wrong if its ip authentication or user/pass is wrong. 

    More then likely this is something little. 

    Im running the 2.33 version, just updated today on 1 machine, all "legacy" campaigns and I import 1 million urls per campaign, sometimes more.  An I didn't notice a bit of difference, it all went off without a hitch.  running 350 threads, and its cranking along. 
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