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Hi guys,

I have 3 keywords and I would want that all of those keywords are taken into account to find the suitable websites. For example, if I look for restaurants that cook ribs, I would have two keywords on two separate lines: "restaurant" and "ribs". If I enter them separately in GSA WC, it looks at them separately during the scraping: I get a list of restaurant websites whatever these restaurants offer, and a list of websites that talk about ribs. How can I get a scraping based on a query like "restaurant+ribs"?



  • SvenSven
    Add it to one line with or without quotes. Same as you would e.g. enter it in search engines.
  • Okay, I had the wrong process in mind. Thanks.
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    U need a few thousends keywords for gsa to scrape  :) :)

    u can get 2 mil keywords to let gsa ser scrape for years and never ever stops 
    upon purchasing gsa ser psr engines :
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