Can a Mobile Page Simply Be a Desktop Page with HUUUGE Type?

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I am paying more attention to details these days.

Goals are to have all sites and T1s on-point.

I see I didn't pay enough attention i the past with a LOT.

One example: Wordpress site that does terribly on Mobile. It's an old theme, so it's just everything you'd see on desktop, only microscopic-sized. :o :o

I don't really want to mess with WordPress files much b/c then I have to avoid updates or re-do files every time. Should I just go with a modern theme that already does separate mobile page? (theme I have is 2010, looking at 2017)

Would the SEs be Ok if  I just use a different css file on load for mobiles and increase the type size and just make the page exactly the same with the usual side menus and all? I actually like this better....

For sites I've done myself w/o WP or a ready-made CMS, I removed side columns for mobile and instead used a slide-out mobile menu. I really don't like slide-out menus.  :/   But if this is what the big G wants, I'll go with it again this time...

Do I HAVE TO do tha, tho?? Or can I just leave the side-menu, & just make everything GIANT - readable and tappable??

Thanks kindly pplz :)

PS--or should I update to 2017 (or other new) theme for OTHER compelling reasons???


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