How to use dropbox to import lists?

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hello please i red that many people are using dropbox toimport lists and that this will speed up gsa. I dont understand how to user dropbox. I normally import lists from advanced options/import site lists and choose a zipped (.sl) file from that folder.. In order to use dropbox, what should I do please? just putting .sl files into dropbox? or what? thankssss


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    There are a few variables on if using dropbox will actually speed you up or not but I used to use it when scraping my own list or using an auto sync list to keep everything upto date across a number of VPS' and servers.

    Basically you make a folder in your dropbox folder for SER and then map your verified folder to it in the tools option.
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    seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    thanks i will try...
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    Have a look at this post,

    If you scroll down there are some videos as well.

    Or if you dont find it there then this video from a few years back, should help

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    seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    thank you veeeeery much!!
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