Backups, Preparedness, and Being On-Point with SER

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So SER has backup functions for both projects and settings. I suggest using them both. :)

And, don't keep your backups on your VPS or your C: drive (if using a PC).

Make copies onto memory sticks.

Have multiple copies.

Also, keep copies of all your server files, I also suggest using a stick for this.

And of course, a disk image of your SEO Tools system is ultra-wise.

I recently suffered a Windows crash and my most recent disk image was pre-GSA. :|

It took extra time(!) also locating the image file, so I suggest keep everything organized and labeled. That, and the fact it was on a drive that has an issue with it's connector, and tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime just flew by. If you keep backups, but do not know where, you're shot.

Do u really want to start searching thru hard drives and sticks for the data you need?!?!?!?! If you're on a SEO vacation, sure, get some piña coladas and enjoy the slow and tedious search process u set up for yourself. B)

This may all seem like elementary stuff, but really it's worth considering seriously. :)

Also, keep notes. Keep your notes within your projects. And, keep your notes in files that are with your backups.  Re-installing Windows, I had to do a bunch of tasks I did last time, all over again. If I had notes, finding Registry keys would have been way faster.

A batch file that auto-backs up your Windows GSA folders is an option worth creating. I had this on older iterations of Windows, maybe worthwhile to do again?

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