paid private proxies now working after one hour run

I met a problem on proxies, after my campaign run one hour, most of the private proxies shows not working.
I buy 10 private proxies and GSA SER set to 50 threads.  

any one have same experience?


  • with 10 proxies I run 10 threads. But no mine dont stop working if I abuse them. 
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  • So how many campaigns you run with 10 proxies?
  • Accepted Answer
    Honestly, I have never had less than 30 dedicated proxies. But I use 1 thread for each proxy. I do not provide seo services, thankfully, so I do not run many campaigns at the same time. Maybe 10 campaigns at most for me.
  • I see, I will try that, I only have two campaigns, but 50 threads on 10 private proxies
  • I'd bump that up to 50 dedicated proxies if you want to run 50 threads. not shared proxies. trust me it makes a difference. However, I am not sure where you are getting your proxies. You might just need a different provider. 
  • I probably find it, I can only use private one, if I adding public one and start using them, the private one will go down some
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