Best Captcha Solver Benchmark ( A conflict between two monsters)

Hi, I think everyone here knew me well. I've been developing captchas for so long . i worked and developed OCR for so many companies.

Today as requested from @Sven i will do a benchmark and see which software solve more captchas

Xevil Vs GSA Captcha Breaker:

How much Captcha do they support?
  • Xevil support over 9000 captcha engine
  • GSA CB supports 2204
  • gsa cb avg time : 0.165 sec \captcha
  • Xevil : 0.01\captcha
Accuracy and Success:
  1. GSA CB : it recognised 46,000 captcha from 130,000 captcha (36%) and success rate (correct solving) is less than 20,000 captchas so totally it accuracy and success rates about 15-18%
  2. Xevil:solved 58,000 captcha out of 61,000 and and 100% correct solving so (95% recognized and 100% are correct)

screenshot with my name so i dot think anyone would suspect any fabrication of the truth. and as u see xevil soved a captcha i cant read with my eyes.. i read it 9m652a and i thought xevil was solving wrong till i nitices that i myself was wrong and xevil readed a number that wasnt shown totally in the picture !!

Future Updates:
  • GSA Cb : Nothing been announced for the future.
  • Xevil : Recaptcha V2 Beaten by Xevil and will be released this month ( i will share a benchmark of recaptcha solving using Xevil after few days)
  • Xevil: Recaptcha V3 Half way Beaten by Xevil and will be released the moment google release the stable Recaptcha V3.
  • Xevil: 600 Captcha Updates and increase accuracy from 10-15% of very hard captchas to 95-100%
  • GSA CB: support Simulation of 16 Service as a webserver
  • Xevil : Support Simulation of 6 Services + Running as a server and solve captchas a standalone captcha solver like deathbycaptcha and 1captcha and so on so u can make ur own captcha service and start earning money.
  • GSA CB : Numbers
  • Xevil : Graphical + Numbers
  • GSA Cb : u have the SDK available and u can make ur own captcha
  • Xevil: dislike button available so if u didnt like a captcha for bad accuracy or something u have to click dislike button an it will be added to xevil on next update with accuracy 90-100%
Note: some would say that am advertising fo Xevil? no i dont nor will i . i said i will do benchmark for both a month ago and sven him self requested that and i just bought the software a few weeks ago. and i know most of u guys spend hundreds of dollars monthly on captcha solving so i thought this will be in ur benefit as it solve almost every captcha very fast and accurate and only u have to pay 10$ per month after 3 month from purchasing and u will get to receive all botmasterlabs package with it.. with this GSA Ser will be able to solve so much more captchas which in turn will make more successful submission and backlinks.

with regards.


  • SvenSven
    edited May 2018
    Ahh so thats why you asked for a affiliate link from us to fill another link with that same as your xevil one and so many others here?

    This is in no way a TEST. It's a copy/paste of some promo material. A test is something that I did with a fixed set of random captchas or at least a fixed time frame for SER to submit in a same project with one or the other program.

    You didn't do that at all.

    This is imposible. The speed with my test was awful with Xevil and this 0.01sec is out of place for sure. I don`t know where you got that from.

    Why this big mismatch of CB and xevil numbers? If it was the same test then why so many less captchas for xevil?

    captchas supported:
    All my tests with xevil showed that they get a result sure...but most of them are wrong...even for easy captchas. I guess its because they do NOT have support for them and try to solve them in some or the other way.

    No words about the settings!? Is it the default setup?

    Future Updates:
    Yea sure, CB does not update!? On what planet do you life? We release updates all the time and we DO update old definitions and add new. Im not so sure about that with your "dislike" button.
  • Future updates meant big update like recaptcha and so on, accuracy gsa cb retry to solve the captcha again 2 times so it have more captchas het all failed,
    and in the matter of fixed captchas i tried them xevil beatn gsa cb in all of them , there is no captcha that gsa cb have higher accuracy than xevil but i didnt eant to but it this way so i made it as a bulk captchas, and the speed with xevil for me was very fast and it can recieve from xrumer as well as gsa ser at the same time and solve all of them , gsa ser 300 threads and xrumer 500 threads and xevil never stops,

    also my test was firstly 700,000 captcha test but do to in error that occured the pc was shut down so i lost the tests,

    and for affliate link . I was talking about putting an affliate links of gsa ser in my site, well if this is how u talk to ur customers who want to adverties for u then i have nothing more to say
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited May 2018

    Thank you for the benchmark report  @Mashafeeqi

    The normal Xevil work well when compared to GSA CB, but i have been testing the Xevil Recaptcha V2 & V3 add on as Beta since last year and while it is great for normal captchas the recaptchas v2 & v3 really slow things down allot and it is a resource killer using the add on module, but it is very accurate and solve more than 95% of the v2 recaptchas on the moment. Saving a fortune on paying to solve recaptcha v2

    Unfortunately you will need allot of proxies as well to use the Recaptcha module of Xevil. I started with rotating sock proxies but had really poor results as the proxies were getting blacklisted fast, so now i am using a 100 dedicated proxies and that is working well and i just replace them once a month

    You will definitely need a low end dedicated machine or a high end VPS with at least 8 GB RAM  and E5 or E3 CPU  otherwise this will go slow.
    but at only 75 Threads my GSA is maintaining a good 80 LPM

  • SvenSven
    Mashafeeqi I still don't see a valid comparison here. And yes I treat customers like that as you spam the forum with your affiliate links. I don't see that as a fair way. Who should trust your comparison at all with this? The one giving you more commission wins the test?
  • Sven your are very rude , why dont u accept the fact that your software getting old and need enhancment , u need to think how to fix the problem not making new one by fighting it with me and he others , grow up and fix gsa cb and make it support more captcha then nor i nor anyone else will ever say a bad word about it, but for now as it support so little and so easy captchas i dont think u can just insult people like that.
  • @royalmice

    indead it needs lot of proxies, i discussed that with them and the new update will include public proxy scrapper within xevil, and enhance cpu usage to use 8 times less than this

    so i think our little problem will be fixed soon.

    and yeah success rates are amazing with xevil.

    most of gsa ser engine i thought were dead but its just gsa cb wasnt solving there captchas so they didnt show any success rates but now as xevil solve all of them i got verified from so many engines.
  • SvenSven
    Grow up? Who is the one posting childish comments to push his affiliate commissions?
    I live on facts and you didn't give me anything but feelings.
  • rsharpe75rsharpe75 United Kingdom
    @Sven I don't own the software but one way to put this to rest is perhaps for you to run a more meaningful side-by-side test. Just a suggestion.
  • SvenSven
    well I did? I posted results here.
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