Good Day, GSA pplz! :)

I need to finally get to adding structured data to sites...

I have this link: h ttps:// glec om/webmasters/markup-helper/u/0/

Anyone can suggest a site where there is info on this? Thank u kindly!


  • I'm sure I'm terribly misunderstanding you, Deeeeeeeee, but you want information about structured data????
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! THis is just what I'm looking for. I've found too many pages that talk ABOUT this topic, but do not offer guidelines or a list of valid terms or syntax.

    I've been going in circles trying to find basic info. I'm already feeling shot lately, so I appreciate the help staying on-point, friend!!!! :)


    PS... Reading thru it...I know it's just a few hundred html chars, but you have to put these in the html over and over...isn't this a sort of bloat of a page? I know it doesn't compare to a heavy image file, but I guess G would rather have all this yummy data than aslightly faster page devoid of all this extra markup??

    OK with me! I'm getting started now. We're actually the forefront of making the Internet more usable. I like how this feels; I'm going thru all my stuff and de-spamming it all. PBNs should be GOOD. Generic crap is no fun for anyone. Better searchability is always good!  Again, thanks!
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    Glad to help, it's actually quite simple and terribly effective, especially in local marketing.
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    It's been a while since I've checked out any competitor's sites.

    I've been checking out the structured data on competitor sites' page source to see how it works in use.  Last time I checked, none of this stuff was there! lol It's been a while!

    I think I get it. I can kind of go crazy with this if i really want to, no? lol Label everything?
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    Anyone know if there's another property besides "mainEntity" for secondary stuff that may be on a page?

    Like, if a page has, for example, a news section, as well as a place to sell products, how do I add a second entity?

    OR, would it just be under the mainEntity and just another @type for the secondary, tertiary, etc. categories?

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    No, separate the pages. Google will love you for that.
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    OK. Why not? lol

    This has been on my To-Do lists since it was new a while back. Now everyone has it.

    It's be good to finally be tackling this task that always was crowded out by other stuff, just copied from list to list over time. :|

    Of course, this is just one site I'm doing right now, I have to do structured data for everything. But again, this is the de-spamming process in action. :)

    If it makes everything more usable, and machine-readable, of course this is good. :)

    I'm reading the full hierarchy of valid stuff. I guess stick to JSON-LD format for all??
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