What is the effect of exchanging links? (SEO blog post)

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What is the effect of exchanging links?

What is the effect of exchanging links? With search engine optimization it is almost always about exchanging links and ensuring that you get as many external links to your website as possible. You will then be higher in the search results. You will, therefore, get more visitors on your website. Is this actually true? How did link building come about and how do you start link building without doing the wrong things?

The meaning of link popularity

At the beginning of the internet around 1995-1996, the “ranking” of a website in a search engine was very different. The “ranking” of web pages as determined by the search terms of the relevant pages. With these so-called on-page factors, particular attention was paid to multiple requirements. These requirements are things like:

How often does the search term return to the website?
The keyword density (The ratio between the total number of words and the number of search terms)
Is the search term in the title of the page either in italic or bold text
Is the search term in the “keywords meta tag”?

Little search engine optimization was done in the late 1990s. That is why search engines were able to determine the relevant pages per search term on the basis of these patterns.

full article: www.consolety.com/seo/is-consolety-the-answer-to-all-your-link-exchange-prayers/
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