Written a basic article on What are backlinks & why they are important

Unlike internal links, backlicks are links from other websites. So someone links from his / her website to your website. So this is something that you have considerably less influence on yourself. You do not determine whether someone places a link to your website. You can find the number of links to your website in Google Search Console.

How do you get more backlinks to your website?
There are many different ways to achieve this. Unfortunately, many ways that Google disapproves. Google only wants one thing, and that is to ensure that Google users are and remain positive about the use of Google (because of this Google remains clean and informative).

Buying links is something that Google considers bad. They themselves indicate that if they suspect that you are paying for links Google can also punish you by not showing you in the search results anymore (this is called de-indexing from the search results). This method of obtaining links worked very well a few years ago. But not anymore.

Google actually wants you to earn links. For example, if you write very good content on your blog, it may be that people are going to link this. But then the content must be qualitative and relevant. Earning links is actually the best way, but not the easiest, unfortunately.

See it as PR. As a company, you sometimes make a press release, which you send to a list of websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. But is something done with it? If it has no news value, then no one will likely do anything with it. Does it have a lot of news value? Than it will be distributed globally and it can go viral, so try to publish quality content.

News value can often be realized quickly if you do a good research that is relevant to your company and what is relevant to your target group. A lot of data is of course available and you can use it, but you will definitely have to do a bit of research yourself.

Getting Backlinks through good PR with news value costs a lot of time and energy, so do not think that you will achieve your goals with a single Press Release, or with a single piece of content publication. Even if your content brings quality to the table, it still is not guaranteed that you will have success.

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+4 tips on what type of backlinks you should create


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    Matze, this is an incredible article.  Quite insightful. Concise and clear.

    Keeping this all in mind should keep us on track in 2018. :)

    And this is only a portion of the full text?! I def have to check this out.

    I first read it days ago, but I've had a week of inefficiency and essentially getting a lot less done than I am OK with, including keeping up with you guys and the latest posts on this board.

    PURE GOLD ON HERE, I TELL YOU.  I hate missing a single post by anyone!!!!!!!! :o

    Not only the sickest tools by GSA at this site, but these forums are also among the best  SEO boards out there. A lot of spots just aren't worth visiting anymore. :(

    I am tired of wasting my time on other forums with fast turnover for membership,  ppl who are constantly joining and quitting b/c SEO turned out NOT to be the quick and easy road to riches, but rather just another way to work hard and earn with care to learning and dedication to detail.

    Such ppl had no love for any of this before starting, so when it takes hours and hours of work (hours and hours and hours and hours, really!) I see why they quit.

    And on those boards, not much real discourse on SEO happening anymore that I've seen. Just marketing to these forum members on there who are clueless and often humorless, as well.

    Again, many thanks for this great reminder about the Ground Rules of SEO.

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