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Good day...I need help...

I just messed up all my email accounts. I used a Find&Replace utility to change the project file settings en masse. I was only trying to change the "Your Email" to a newer spinfile.

I didn't back up today. I'd rather not go back to yesterday's backup.

I remember nwo that the user PW (and possibly more) is stored in crypted form. So, I now have a lot of this:

X %spinfile%...???k24J??OR???1??".??,.?1?0  Pop3: 110 Login: blank PW: blank

I realize now this was a rash decision.  I had to just delete all emails and import new.

Is there a fast way of checking/un-checkboxing multiple emails?  When I copy a project's emails, why can't the user choose if the same checked/unchecked settings will also copy to all destination projects selected?

I've used FNR before, but obviously not on this field.  :o :o :o

It messed everything up for a bit. I did also lose my SERE project-specific emaisl, but they were all spent, and I can reload the last backup to see what those had been anyway, if I had missed taking any off of my big list.
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