Why does one particular KW seem to move down as soon as GSA is turned off?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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What gives?! This isn't the most costly keyword I work with, according to our friends at G! So why is this so?

Is it somehow more competitive that it seems?

The only reasonable thing I could think of, was that the top ten sites for that KW are actively link building ALL the time.

Some are big-names, so I wouldn't doubt it's a possibility.

What ELSE could it be,though? My limited experience means I can only think of a few scenarios that fit the situation.

Assuming that my stick rate is fairly constant, it can't be link-building variation.

As I see it, as soon as I am not building on this KW, I'm standing still, and those others I am "neck-and-neck" with, don't stop to take breaks!

Could it ALTERNATIVELY be the link weight of the links is so temporary that it only lasts essentially as long as they're being posted? That doesn't seem right...all different link types all do this? Hmm....

Any insights greatly appreciated. :)
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