Can you use a hand-written article in more than one place?

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Can two/three/...?? different PBNs have the same hand-written article if they're topically similar sites?

I don't mean EVERY article; just an occasional instance of this occurring.  Thanks.........! :)

IRL a site may host the same article as another site in the same niche, at the same "level". And, both sites may point more than a few links to the same sites (including your target site).

So what do you guys think??


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    It is called syndication. A couple of years back it was a super popular technique. People still use it today for various reasons.
    In terms of uniqueness it won't have much value but if you write a reasonably long intro or outro to it then it will probably count as a unique article.
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    I want to get the most out of each unique article that I can.

    Also, if the article is good, why not put it on a few places??

    I guess, in the end, you don't actually want any duplicate content out there at ALL.

    I do that intro and outro thing at times for certain junkier content that requires more uniqueness. I guess here's another application of its use...

    Thanks, man. :)
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    Theoretically you can put your articles as many places as you please. Google will rank the article that has the most power either by the domain authority or by the power of the page itself.

    This is kind of useful if you want to gain recognition and post your article all over your niche on several sites. With some luck people get to know your name, and it generates some traffic too.

    The backside of the story that if you put your articles on high authority sites google will rank those sites before yours. However there is an official method using the canonical URL to give your site the credit that it deserves but that is rarely implemented. You can be happy to have a link back to your site in most cases.

    So the best thing you can do is doing a little test of your own. Post a couple of articles as they are on your site and a couple with various length intros then check their index rate. Pick the winner then rinse and repeat.
  • You can keep using those articles, but of course, it would be tracked - the more you use, the more it would be registered as duplicate content. There is a ton of duplicate content on google - but due to the fact that the domain has authority, google keeps repeating the same content on different authority sites.

    You can squeeze, and squeeze further by spinning it, but personally, I would use a 1k word article, with 40% spun content on not more than 30 variation only.
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    "but of course, it would be tracked - the more you use, the more it would be registered as duplicate content. " LightProxies

    Is that OK?  Does sufficient duplicate content eventually nullify that content in some way??

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