required variable "url" was not used in form.

hi how can skip it
"required variable "url" was not used in form."
when show this error gsa skip site . i want add comment as text, mean add comment for websites not have URL field too.



  • SvenSven
    if SER thinks adding an url there would result in no active link, it is skipped, else it is adding the url in description automatically.
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  • screen shot added @Sven
  • SvenSven
    so? If SER sees no url-input field and also thinks that the comment field does not support html as input, it is skipping the submission.

    If you think that site supports html as input, let me know what URL and I update the script.
  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    Hello @Sven
    in this link for example GSA is giving "url was not used in form" error but this form allows HTML, i am trying myself to fix this script, could you help me? Here is the URL:
  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    By the way, I have MANY MANY of these links that are returning this "url was not used in form" error, so I would really appreciate if you could fix OJS engine.. thanks
  • SvenSven
    use the debug mode and check if SER is really on the same form you think it should do its work.
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