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Good day, GSA friends! :)Need to know: How do I register a domain with another name? I mean, when I go to register, the domain will be in my name for 24 hours.  So, if I change it, won't records show my account name as first owner??

I do not want to get privacy for every PBN or throwaway site!



  • namecheap has privacy for very cheap.
  • Namecheap even has the first year of privacy free of charge.
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    internetbs and namesilo free for life
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  • hi there, we were building a plugin called consolety which comes with a wp plugin that you can download within your wordpress section or from if you search for consolety.

    The plugin will link your PBN with other PBN's and increase your private blog "network" even further, for free.

    So here's the deal, probably, or even most of you will say, why would you share your PBN with others... we are creating a Pool, not only for Black hat seo, pbn's but even for white hat websites.

    and if you don't want to participate, than don't. Nobody is forcing you, but I do have to say this... 

    let's say your Person A. Who doesn't join, and your trying to rank your site in the "smartphone" niche. 

    You come across consolety and say, hell no, i do not want to join this network. 
    Than comes Person B, C & D who are your competitors in the same niche. 
    They DO join Consolety and become linkpartners automatically based on their posts titles, content, tags / categories and language.

    Now you are competing with Person B, C & D who have a wider relevant backlink profile than your website. 

    Google doesn't want you to pay for links, 
    Google doesn't like automatic "link building" software or automation.

    I am an online marketer for years, and I know google hates all the software out there and penalizes everyone for using those. 

    This is the reason why Consolety is FREE.
    You dont pay for backlinks... 

    The second thing is, we market ourselves as a tool that will generate clicks and traffic based on publishers and advertisers. 
    You, are both a publisher and an advertiser that places relevant content on your publications that will generate traffic. 

    (see it as google adwords/google adsense automated = Consolety).

    we do not place internal "contextual links" we place 3 blocks with title, excerpt and "view details" button to the relevant article. 

    In fact, if google, will try to touch our network, we will battle it as they are trying to bring down a small company and keep their monopoly position in court. 

    It's time to bring a free alternative to the market. Free Traffic, Free Network, Free links. 
    (p.s. this only includes for the white hat section, with PBN, or black hat SEO network pool you are on your own) :smile:
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hey @matzadoon: Very interesting concept.  I definitely do have some questions.

    "The plugin will link your PBN with other PBN's "

    How is the selection/matching of PBNs done? Can I choose which articles/pages/sites to connect with?

    "In fact, if google, will try to touch our network, we will battle it as they are trying to bring down a small company and keep their monopoly position in court. "

    Creative alternative. Definitely a way of slowly equalizing things...

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