Engines to select

1. What engines to select ? I went with preselected and getting lot of spammy links
2. Does description have to be different than content in article?
3. Is anchor text = keywords ok?
4. Is it better to do 1 site with deep links per project or doing multipole sites fine


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hey, buddy. Welcome to the forum.  :) I'm actually still new to SER, but I can still try to help you.

    1. Def ask someone else. I am still learning this. :|  You can right-click in engines pane, and select contextuals only. I don't know engines well enough for more specific recommendations.

    2. Descriptions should be 250 and 450 characters. Your articles should be WAY longer. You may include the first 250 chars of an article, however, if you'd like.

    3. You may want specific anchors that are different than your KWs. Also, some KWs may be good link postable sources, but not a KW specific to your project.

    4. You can do 1 site with deep links only. I think GSA may run faster with fewer projects. You can define different anchors within one project, too.

    If you need more speed, you can run multiple instances of your "1 site with deep links only" project  at the same time. 

    Advantages of separate projects are more precise control of what's going where. Possibly, this is also more organized, visually.

  • LinkLink Germany
    Thats so helpful. I had thought engines were google, yahoo
    is it 450 characters or words?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Cool, glad to help. :)

    " I had thought engines were google, yahoo"

    OK, this IS confusing! lol These are Search Engines, or SEs.

    If you click on a Project of yours in the Project pane, then click on Options tab, scroll down to see ALL the Search Engines SER can scrape (search for target links to post to)

    Rt click for cool options.

    As for BACKLINK Engines, these are .ini  files that allow GSA to post to recognized types of web services that can yield a backlink. (article, forum comment, blog, user profile)

    If you click on Project in the Project pane, check out the Engines tab at left.  These are your Backlink-Creation Engines. Rt click for more options.

    "is it 450 characters or words?"

    Well, that's a good minimum number of words for an article.

    450 characters is for DESCRIPTION 450s only! Check and re-check. Else u my end up posting in a 250 or 300 character description slot.

    A 250 char description in  300 slot is OK. I think 300 slots are only used with the third-party add-on, SEREngines.
  • LinkLink Germany
    Thanks - slowly its sinking in. What r u using to generate content. I have Article forge bu it only generates articles. Does it talk with SER?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    "Thanks - slowly its sinking in."

    Yes; learn it slowly, but thoroughly. Good idea. :)

    "What r u using to generate content."

    Hand-written. I don't yet own GSA-Content Generator.

    "Does [Article Forge] talk with SER? "

    YES! U can save time! Click on Article Manager tab of your project once you click on a project you've made.

    Then, goto Add and select Article Forge as source!!!!

    Ask others for more detailed help! :)
  • Well deeee explained it all so hope if need anything else we would be happy to help
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