Need Strategy For Choosing Proper Category on Pop-Ups From Target Directories

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When GSA-SER runs, and I have directories engines selected, I get pop-ups prompting for a categoy. When this is in English, this is easy for me, as I know English.

But what about in Polish? For me, that's like reading gibberish characters. :(  I have no experience with it's written form, until fairly recently, and then, only using auto-translate to get results. As for spoken Polish, this is also very much something I really just don't know even a tiny bit.

So when a scroll-down pop-up GSA-SER generates from the options of the form on the target directory page itself is in Polish, I'm lost. I've tried auto-translating dirs like this, but the form data is within the HTML and so without a way to scrape and parse it like GSA does, it isn't doable to even easily or quickly create even a quick list of directory categories and their Polish equivalent.

So what do I do? A portion of my audience speaks Polish and relies on Polish Internet searches and sources.

Since SER already does the work of scraping and parsing, @Sven, do you think there is a way you might want to have it auto-translate to a set language you define in the main options, so the scroll-downs are always in the user-defined language?

I know the German words for my categories OK enough. But for Polish, I'm clueless. And sometimes there may be options that are even better than the extremely limited number of phrases I presently recognize in German.

A study aid text file  for the common categories across English, German, Polish, Spanish, and others, would be nice/better.

Anyone have such things? lol (I guess this is like asking a dude in an elevator if he has hole punch on him you can borrow real quick to hole punch some docs real quick before you get to the second floor...def on the less probably side!~ lol :) )

Honestly, I'd rather learn the words in an efficient way, rather than rely on GSA to do this, just to know the KWs and everything better.

Anyone have any ideas????????

Good evening for those of you in the Americas. Good night to those of you in Europe and beyond...


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