Is there a way SER will automatically remove Tiers that point at dead links?

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Just as Q says. How do I go about doing this? Thx...


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    As long as you select the option "reverify exisiting backlinks" in the options tab of each tiered project, then yes, ser will take care of this for you automatically.

    I set it to reverify every 1440 minutes (24 hours). This ensures any tiered projects are always building links that are live, or last checked to be live within the last 24 hours.

    As dead links are removed from one tier, the next tier will also have dead links removed and so on. This is a really effective strategy and ser automates it very well indeed.

    I also set a 5-30 day delay before the next tier starts to give it some time for links to die and be removed. Then I import more emails into projects and delete target url history/cache and let the tiers rip again. The first few weeks you'll probably notice links being removed, but after the first month, the links that stick are genereally there for the long term.
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    That is insanely cool. I cannot stop marveling at this software. :)
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    You mentioned:
    "I also set a 5-30 day delay before the next tier starts to give it some time for links to die and be removed."

    I am curious how you set that because I am now aware of an option in GSA SER that will allow you to set a delayed start. Do u use an external plugin or you just start it manually after some time?


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    The option to set that is on the first tab along with other settings such as building links to only do follow or to links with less than 50 obls if you really want to focus on passing link juice.

    These days I see any link to have some value (no follow or do follow) so I don't bother with the other settings. Plus i'm only focused on Bing and have seen some great results recently by only doing the above and tiering only article sources.

    I only got started back on seo about 3 weeks ago, so most of my tiered projects are still quite fresh. But next month i'll change that setting to 30-60 days so that only my aged links will still keep getting powered up. Which will help avoid wasting time building links to those links less than 30 days old.
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    Ahh, thanks for that @sickseo
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