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Wow. I just found Shaun's video entitled A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives Before He Dies! on YouTube.

And Shaun's reading list is here, on his web site, divided into tiers:

Recommended Reading!

I found the list looked incredibly useful and interesting. These are books most people doing SEO seriously will want to read, as solid entrepreneurial business background learning and research.

I ALSO found it cool beyond belief for another reason: It was divided into Tiers.  :) However, this aspect is a phenomenon I know will be difficult to explain. I will try, though...

I've found I think in terms of GSA-SER and certain aspests of linking, though now regarding entirely diverse aspects of other disciplines and parts of life. lol Seriously. :p I'm sure, working with GSA longer, Shaun and others doing this longer, you all may have experienced this, but even more so than I. 

Anyway, pplz, don't miss this wisdom. I know Shaun is a modest dude, but truly, I'd be dumb to not pay attention to books and ideas he says are worth reviewing.  Thanks, man. :)
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    Lol cheers dude.

    Although he hasn't uploaded anything for over a year now, Fight Mediocrity has some good book summaries of some of the books that will be much quicker to get through then reading the books yourself.

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    What's up, Shaun? :)

    I'll check out the summaries.  Thanks for the info.

    I'll probably try to find the titles that seem cool (quite a few!) in my local public library this weekend. 

    Be well, man!
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    No worries man. Theres a whole bunch of tips in them books :). Just picked a few new ones up in the Audible sale.
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    Definitely some very cool reading to look forward to. :)

    ...I still haven't had any weekend leisure time to get to the library just yet!! :(

    I've been at Public Storage consolidating two units (@2 diff. locations) into one for days.

    Feb 1: 12 hrs
    Feb 2: 14 Hrs (there until almost 4:30 AM! Sooo spooky there late at nite!)
    Feb 3 not around at all yesterday, so no organizing progress or library trips! :(

    Today, still not finished!!

    ...and I thought this task might "take a few hours!" lol :o

    Still..good to be getting it done. Was 15°F and windy, but the Feb 2 blue moon was sick! The work was one of the most grueling, yet coolest, experiences of my life. lol It feels good to move things along!

    My aim was to watch "Groundhog Day" on Feb2, but instead I worked on living it! lol

    Thanks Shaun, for the inspiring Youtube channel! Def helped me get serious putting plans into actions, uber-time!!!!!!

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    @Deeeeeeee if your library has Bounce by Matthew Syed then I highly recommend it! I am crazy busy right now so cant put as much time into Audible as I would like but i'm really enjoying it.

    Its similar to Mastery by Robert Green and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell but I love that kind of stuff as its pretty much my exact attitude to getting stuff done.
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    @shaun: Checked, they do have Bounce. Mastery--list of SEVENTEEN holds on one copy. hahahah Outliers, I can also get. :) The challenge: Getting there, "making" the time. RN, way overworking, but it's winter, so what else is there to do? lol

    Saw your new post on YouTube. Bro, your vids are always so positive and encouraging! I really say, GSA users, don't waste time, check it out.  If you regret the 18 minutes, I'd be shocked.

    Cultivating a positive and enthusiastic attitude surrounding one's work is essential. It's easy to get discouraged with the wrong attitude.

    Oh, also last week's video had the crazily cool image with the blown up test tube experiment. That one's great!

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    Finally, placed a hold on Bounce!!!  :)

    I should be able to pick it up at the library in anywhere from a few days to weeks.
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