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totally off-topic, friends...

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Schaffer's Tavern reduced to rubble to make way for bank :o :o :o

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Just a story from some random US (or was it Canada?) newspaper, never heard of it before, about how some neighborhood bar of eighty or so years was destroyed today :'(  to make (yet another) bank and a parking lot. Oh, don't forget they're widening the street. :| I saw in the photos the place was iconic, with custom brickwork and limestone. It had been there since Prohibition and had a strong community!!

From comments "For those that are interested in the banks in the area here is a list of nine in less than a mile on [the] Buolevard.  From the first on the list to last , distance is 0.6 of a mile:"

"investment property........?""

"exactly!  I get the need for physical locations, but not one on every corner."

Sad that many cities and towns don't have strong laws protecting cultural landmarks.

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