Image scraping?

Could we have further options in Google images to scrape images based on license?

And could we use spintax in naming titles/keywords?


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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I'm getting GSA-CG pretty soon, surely!  I do want rotating proxies first, then the new SER Social engines, then I may get CG or CB. Likely CG, then CB later (as I have a competing product I'm looking to replace, but OK for now).  Trying to get what's most needed right now, first.

    These sound like great new features I would find very useful on a daily basis. License options are important for certain projects, without a doubt.

    And, more spin possibilities are always welcome.
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    google images is scraped with free license only by default. It would make no sense doing it with all licenses and risking it to be in trouble.

    you can of course use need to allow/disallow it.
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