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In this article your didn't mention in how many days the keyword at top position for very low competition (score <10).
I have selected keyword as your advice. I scored <7 points using intitle: inanchor: search operators. It's been two months since I have started SEO, There is no improvement in this. On-Page optimized site, What is the mistake from my side.
I have PM my keywords.


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    Your mistake could be that you are following a guide to the letter which is almost a year old :)

    You should concentrate on the techniques applied in the guide and use them according to your needs. Test them to see if they make sense to you and your niche and choose your SEO strategy in line with that needs.

    E.g: You may have found a low score there but that doesn't mean that are no competition out there. It only means that no one targets the keywords aggressively. They may use a synonym for that or nothing at all because they are super white hat.

    Additionally it lot depends on your backlinking strategy. How do you build backlinks. Are your backlinks indexed?  Are your backlinks live long enough to pass juice along the Tiers? How strong is your competition?
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    I checked the first keyword you PMed me, it looks solid. It's taking longer and longer to rank in Google these days. Here are my analytics for my main site right now from my journey thread over on BHW, all of the pages that are currently ranked used the exact method in my post you linked but I have tweaked it a little since.

    As you can see, it took around five months before the site's traffic started to pick up. As I canceled my SERPLab subscription not realizing it would wipe my historical rank tracker data I have the rank tracker screenshots for this site anymore but it took around 5 months for its money pages to jump onto the first page of Google. From the site's performance so far this month, it is on track to double its monthly traffic again for the fourth or fifth month in a row just in time for peak buying season for Christmas.

    I posted this about the Google Sandbox back in January but two month just is not long enough anymore even with parasites. Also, you said your on page is optimised but what are you using? If it is Yoast, you are probably over optimised. That's one of the main on page problems I see. Inbox me a link to your money page for the first keyword you PMed me and I will go over it and post feedback in this thread. This post over on /r/juststart is pretty similar to how I build my pages out these days with a generic theme rather than particular keyword targeting as Googles synonym algo has been massively improved over the past 12-18 months.

    Also what kind of off page are you doing? I posted this in a thread over on BHW about my observations using SER over the past few month, it may be worth reading if you are using SER and auto-generated content. Again, the rank tracker screenshots in the thread are not from the start of the site due to my canceling my SERPLab subscriptions but the bottom set climbed gradually over time from similar initial entry positions as the top set.

    If my sites keep going the way they are then I plan to start scaling everything up in the new year as well as uploading videos to my YouTube channel with more upto date stuff. I don't see a point in posting anything on my blog until I launch the YouTube channel as it will all just have to be duplicated. 

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