Using Same Verified Lists for Multiple Campaigns

Stupid question: Let's say I have a bunch of tier 2's that I want to buffer with contextual links. I have been saving all the verified contextual links in a file that GSA has scraped (or I've purchased elsewhere). If I use that same verified list for other tier 2's (pointing to the same money site), wouldn't that cause an unnatural pattern to the eyes of Google?

 To summarize, if I have a few web2.0's pointing to my money site and I want to buffer those links with my existing verified URL's, isn't it weird/unnatural/fake to build those same verified contextual links to all the separate web2.0s? 

So, if that's the case- should I utilize different verified lists per moneysite web2.0's? And am I just wasting time saving verified contextual links and using them to build on other web2.0's or tier 1's that point to the same money site? 



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