Hufffpo claims Twittter Bots & "Sockpuppets" Used Prez’s Tweets To Afffect Virginia Gov Race Outcome

Eventually, all topics end in politics, one way or another. :| I found this article interesting, although I thought some of the conclusions drawn rely on less-than-accurate portrayals of mass-digital Internet communications.

Users should be allowed to re-tweet anything within the platform's guidelines, if statements are factual.  If the topic is political, which it may well be, how is that any different?

Obviously, many people auto-retweet the Pres account, and have filters set to select just the sort of content detailed in article. And, many use pseudonyms. Privacy protection is a GOOD thing, for those choosing such on systems that allow it. Why attack it??

And automation is what life's all about, no? Now that's a problem, according to the article. :* What next?

"Amplification" is of issue, too?  A CORE issue, in fact, we're told. Really?

What about using a bullhorn in public, or starting a newsletter that you distribute for free? That's also amplification, though few would argue that it's illegitimate. Your newspaper may have fifteen writers that are all really you. lol

There's an inherent mistrust of the Internet, even still. People strive to amplify their viewpoints, their business standing in the marketplace, and whatever else is important to them. All the time, not just online.

This article seems like "Internet Panic" nonsense, with the collected data sorted and presented out of context of actual use patterns on platforms like Twitter, but rather approached with a predetermined goal and desired outcome, making use patterns show a political undertone when it's not there.

It's just how people use the Internet in 2017.


  • Most of the notable personalities within white hat seo - people like Rand Fishkin - are extremely liberal. Think about how breathlessly people like that denounce "black hat" or "grey hat" seo, while acting like "link earning" is some sign of moral virtue. I agree with your assessment of the article & the Russia hysteria in general, but it makes perfect sense in that context.
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