Newbie to GSA SER needs some help


Hi guys,

I'm a real newbie to GSA SER and need some help on how to use the software properly.
What I'm planning to do is to create a Tier 2 links to and existing high-quality Tier 1 links created manually over the time ( to power them up). The Tier 1 links are around 100.

So here are my questions:

1. For Tier 2 links I'm planning to buy a fresh list from reputable service like SErocket. Do you think this is OK or I need to create my own list using ScrapeBox? I prefer to buy the list because is much easier but not sure if that list ( which obviously will be spammed very soon) will be good enough for Tier 2 links.

As I mentioned already my plan is to create Tier 2 links to around 100 Tier 1 links but not sure how to do it properly.

2. Should I link to every Tier 1 link from every Tier 2 link from the list? In other words - how many Tier 2 links to every Tier 1 link are enough?

3. How many links per day or in total is fine for that kind of campaign? I mean if you were on my place how you will do it?

Now about the content for these Tier 2 links.

What I'm planning to do is to use Kontent Machine to generate the articles and then to spin this articles using WordAi Turing service.

And here is the last question ( more related to Kontent Machine rather then GSA SER) :

1. If I generate 1 super spun article using Kontent Machine + WordAI is it gonna be enough for that campaign? I mean what settings i need to use in Kontent Machine to get enough unique articles for the campaign?


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