Any good open source PHP web-based linux file managers?

Anyone else like re-inventing the wheel?  :p I once did, but I got sick of doing this. lol

If anyone knows of a freeware program that I can run on a linux server running PHP 5.x, if you don't mind sharing the name and a little bit about it, that would be great.

Features I would like concern batch file actions like mass CHMOD changes, mass filename changes, mass delete, etc.

Yes, you can write a script for each and every function you need. But playing with mass files means you can't make any errors, and writing a new script on-demand for each and every needed file action means you will eventually mess up one day when you are thinking of fifty eight other things. lol And then, a mass mess up! haha

Also, it's a waste of time doing this when you can use a GUI-based file manager.

(I know there's command line linux, but I need this is for servers/systems with "lite" plans and no prompt.)

Thank you, anyone! :)


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