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Hi, is any software for automatic create own PBN's sites?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    I think that would be beyond the scope of this program, if by PBN site you mean your own URLs.

    To create your own PBNs, you need to purchase a domain, new or used. So you'd have to choose it and buy it. 

    Then, you have to set it up on your server.

    (I believe there are automated hosting companies that can install various CMSes with one click these days.)

    Finally, you have to fill it with content. Here, GSA can help.

  • pierospieros Poland
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    I use https://serpbooster.com for generating PBN and linking GSA to give more power my own sites. 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    @piero: Thanks for the info.

    It looks like this company can take care of the first two steps I mentioned above, including acquiring the domains and setting up the hosts. Very cool.

  • If you use that service it assumes you already have a PBN / aged domains and want to move it over to them. Looking at the costs of setting up a PBN itself if you don't have one already, it works out at about $50 per domain to acquire. So for 10x domains that's $500 before you've used their service, right?
  • @Deeeeeeeeuse pbn.hosting, domains from nargil from BHW, content from GSA CG or iwriter if you're $£$£$ cash money.

    I'd never use WordPress for PBNs. People are crazy if they do. It opens the doors for a world of pain in the future. If I didn't have a conscience/was a twat I'd run my own WP PBN service.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Thanks for the info. :)

    I've mostly just created my own sites with static pages from scratch for PBNs. I don't need a crazy text editor like WordPress offers; I prefer to write everything in NotePad++, anyway.

    I admit, I have also used WordPress in the past few years on a few PBNs. :o

    Why? People kept telling me how great it is. Finally I gave in and tried. lol

    Dropping images into the text, 80s desktop publishing-GUI-style, is the only thing I like about it. That aspect of WYSIWYG editors is cool, I must admit. Not worth it, though, just for that.

    It's a lot of extra working parts, this wastes resources. And, lots of files for malware to lurk in.  A database to mess with. Add-ons containing malware. And, it seems to get hacked.  Easily.

    And, I can actually update my sites faster by just hard-coding the content, in whatever manner I choose. The WP editor is slower. I'm sure there are add-ons that speed things up by  writing directly to the DB with values to make mass changes via a .xml file, or even altering the .SQL file itself by hand in an editor, but I find that's all more complex, and I like to not waste my time. 

    What else did you mean, @JudderMan? :|

  • @Deeeeeeee there are services out there that offer Wordpress PBN hosting. As you said, opens so many doors to bad stuff. I just don't know why people would use WP. Money sites are OK I suppose, I use WP myself sometimes, but I am hot on security and ensuring there's no bad stuff going on. PBNs are set and forget, and that's what makes it a risk.
  • @Deeeeeeee
    "care of the first two steps I mentioned above, including acquiring the domains and setting up the hosts"

    No this is a php software on Your own hosting. You can manage Your sites using many different hostings.

    There is a movie

  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    People should create their own CMS and use that.
  • Miguel5Miguel5 US
    edited October 2017
    I'd never use WordPress for PBNs.

  • easyblognetwork. Works fine. But it builds wordpress. I use it. 
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