Modem Damage

Hello, Guys.

I am planning to buy my first GSA Account License.


One friend of mine told me it migh damage my home modem due to excessive traffic amount.

Is that true?


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    Caiohsantos not true
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    Probably not but you should probably use private proxies. If not there's a possibility your ISP won't be happy about it.

    But generally you should offload it to a VPS rather than a machine on your home network.
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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Modems are made to handle traffic.

    So saying heavy traffic would harm it is like saying water will break pipes.

    Even so, water can break pipes when the water

    Excessive traffic may bring you IP issues from your ISP. 

    That's probably what your friend meant.

    Also, scraping w/o proxies will most definitely ruin your Internet experience.

    Scraping is just automating a process done by hand. There's nothing nefarious about it.
    But search engines may view such behavior from your IP as suspect.

    Your modem itself will be fine, though, just not so useful. lol
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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas

    Rather than pipes freezing, the better analogy to too much data would have been pipes bursting from water pressure being too high.

    That will not happen to a modem with even high data usage! :)

    But if a pipe bursts near your modem from high water pressure, or even a pipe freeze, your modem will be (possibly) toasted.

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