What is future of GSA SER, what we should expect in terms of functions, engines, account creations?

Many other software are offering various modern functions, should we see those options in our beloved GSA SER


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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited September 2017
    I also love this program!!!! :)

    I'm still discovering the full functionality of GSA-SER. It's a feature-rich program, for sure. So learning new stuff about it is always fun and I'm sure I'll be learning for a while.

    I'm just curious: What "modern functions" are you referring to? I'm not so familiar with what other programs might offer that's missing here, but it would be cool to know what you think. 

    This is such a cool topic. I definitely enjoy learning about the SEO software out there.
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    Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    Many other software(s) requires ongoing subscription support and is not a one off payment, therefore they can provide email account creators and "modern functions". SER has plenty features already and hasn't really changed a lot since I first purchased a license, it's a tool, you use it how you wish to but I doubt you'll be seeing any significant changes to the core.
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    ImrankhanImrankhan United Arab Emirates
    i am a great fan of GSA SER and standards it sets in SEO field are so high.
    From last one month, i am searching for WEB 2.0 account creator and submitter but not satisfied with even giants in this field, because I am the user of GSA so cant find standard in other software that GSA has.
    as GSA is missing this feature but still not allow me to select any other software because I cant find satisfaction in other tools that GSA has given to me.

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