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I was wondering what the most current info is on using SSL-only sites.

Usually, if the site needs an SSL certificate, it's because pages request user data or there's a cart or something.

But I have read a bit a while back about search engine favoring HTTPS-only sites.

And, I see many new sites (big sites) are HTTPS-only.

Seems unnecessary. But does it help with rankings?


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    Google wants all sites to have an SSL. It's stupid, all my clients have asked as they got an email in GWMT saying their site is deemed insecure. It's not, some don't even have carts/login areas for customers, similar to my SEO site, they need contact via a form or telephone. FireFox is saying this forum has insecure images.

    All scaremongering and unneccessary. I'm gonna see how long I can do without https, same as when everyone stopped using meta tags and I can outrank sites with no content, no mention of any kewyword other than a meta tag, and all the gurus think I'm stupid for using them. Haha, meh. Just hit #1 a few weeks ago for a keyword that is unrelated to the site but used in a meta. Test test test test, don't listen or read other people's thoughts (me included).
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    I only use SSL where necessary. But what about a site I have already for a cart? Should the whole site be made SSL just...cuz? lol  If SEs like it, I guess...

    I lose a lot of info in the headers then, no? (referrer, etc) That hasn't changed, has it?
  • jonathanrichardsonjonathanrichardson Jonathan Richardson
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    I prefer HTTPS but it is a matter of taste
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    If I were starting a new site, I would use https 100% of the time. Yes, it's probably unnecessary a lot of the time, but it's cheap (often free with your hosting plan), it's easy, and you avoid the browsers showing your site as insecure, which probably hurts conversions to some small degree.

    On an established site, I would strongly consider it, and in fact I did migrate a few of my websites from http to https in anticipation of Google labeling sites insecure in Chrome. The sites were small and straightforward to migrate using one of the many guides out there. Google picked up on the change within a week, my traffic never really fluctuated, and I did see a small improvement in rankings, although it's hard to say if it was coincidental.

    I'm also not pleased that the search engines and web browsers decided to treat http sites in this way but that's the situation we're given.
  • lun4lun4 Birmingham
    use https when involve credit card and payment gateway.
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