StormProxies and GhostProxies are both suggested in the GSA-SER program itself. Any user suggestions

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Good morning, ppl. : )

Since there are ads for both StormProxies and GhostProxies within GSA, that's like Sven standing behind these services.

I trust his opinion highly, and I am going to likely get one of the two.

The services are described as being quite different, on each of their sites.

Is one service better for one type of task, and the other good for other stuff?

I am in need of good Private Proxies, that is, proxies with IPs not on a banned list, and that are changed out often.

These are for posting contextual links in articles on my Tier I. Good, quality content.

If you make a suggestion for a particular service, please tell me why, just so I have a valid basis of comparison.

Thank you!


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    I've used both, but only used Ghost temporarily when they sent over a set of private proxies for testing. At the time of testing they were fast, anonymous, and worked well, but are a bit on the pricey side. 

    I've used Storms rotating proxies and they also worked great for my scraping jobs. I know they have a 50% off deal going on right now for their dedicated proxies with coupon "September50". I think it only lasts a couple more days.

    I've also used with good results. Proxies were fast and worked well for scraping and web 2.0 posting with SEREngines. You can also exchange your proxies 1 time per month.  They are also pretty affordable. 

    For me, I'd probably be going with either Storm or Blazing SEO because they were fast, anonymous, and well priced.

    There is also but I haven't had a chance to try these yet.

    Other users might have some different suggestions/feedback. 

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I've been reading up on this all day.  lol

    There's a bit of information already out there about proxies. Still, I have more learning to do.

    I decided on StormProxies dedicated Private Proxies to start.  So now I'm set! : )

    Thank you, kindly, for the coupon, s4nt0s! =)

    At this point, I understand that I require Private dedicated proxies to use for posting.  I was oblivious, but the reports I found with my emails clued me in quickly! lol
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