Need help with DB / MySQL (connecting scripts to sites DB, I just need eye's on it + advice)

I need help with connecting a script to a site DB / MySQL (just explaining to me how I can fetch strings from websites DB to connect to a script I made, and vice versa "from script back to DB")


  • so basically if someone has good knowledge bout DB and mySQL, all i ask is you see what I'm doing (sharing my screen through skype), and you say if I'm doing it right before I destroy the whole site :)
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
    Are you using PHP to talk to the DB? 
  • mackenrique8mackenrique8 Paseo Colón, Argentina
    what's your programming language, almost all programming language has MySQL driver. For example PHP use mysqli extension to control MySQL.
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