Top 3 SEO tools for content writing

Hi, anyone can give me at least 3 best SEO tools you have tried that helped you writing your content?


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    jilldfloressjilldfloress Ireland
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    SEO content machine - Support T1 content scraping with top 10 serp titles 
    Big content search - good combine with SCM or even you can use separately
    I would pass last for spinner like spin rewriter :)
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    Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
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    same setup mate :P
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    SilvioSilvio Sevilla
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    Are you guys kidding?
    Big Content Search? Why are you supporting such service in this forum???!!!!
    They do promote themselves as the "Biggest Content Search Engine on the Internet".
    I´m not going to get into details, but if you check their numbers you will acknowledge that´s one of the most ridiculous statements ever made on the Internet. 

    SEO Content Machine: This is not that bad. Simpler to use than GSA Content Generator, but in the long term I would still recommend GSA Content cos it is much more flexible.
    I wouldn´t state anything like "SEO Content Machine supports T1 Content Scraping", cos that could also lead to missunderstandings. There isn´t any software that produces T1 Content hands-free.

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    Thank you guys for answering. I am doing some reviews and this would help.
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